Today's Flowers . . .

. . . are flowers for . . .

. . . my late big, black, brother Bogart
who love flowers . . .

This flower is called Bougainvillae.
I offer them to Bogart . . .

It is beautiful and colorful
but it has no scent.

Just like Bogart who was beautiful
and with no ugly scent.
Bogart smell like a puppy!
Bogart may be black
but he was as colorful as a flower!

The Bougainvillae plant belongs to our neighbor.
We do not have this plant in Heaven
because this plant have thorns
which Keeper said might hurt us . . .

But each day, a flower from this plant
would fly to our house Heaven
and Bogart would bark to call our attention!

Surprisingly, the flowers would always land near
or even on top of Bogart!
And Bogart would feel compelled to watch it
until Keeper comes around to get it from him!

Sometimes I leave Bogart and his flowers . . .

And poor Bogart . . .
. . . would simply stay put
watching me play
while still keeping watch over the flowers!

. . . and he would remain that way
until Keeper comes around
to get the flower from him . . . .

Bogart's world is about plants and flowers . . .
. . . and it would be no surprise
if some people like Keeper
referred to him as a Flower Dog . . .

. . . simply because he was!

Flowers rocked Bogart's world . . .

. . . and Bogart rocked the flowers as well!!

As you can see from that video
it was not an earthquake
but Bogart rocking the flower on his back!

Bougainvillae flowers come in different colors . ..
. . . and that magical surprise
when another color smiles
between the beautiful pink petals
remind me so much of my late brother . . .

. . . for in his dopey, quiet, and calm world,
he made a drooly wonderful difference
in my noisy, tipsy-turvy world!

This is my flowers for you, my Bogart . . .

They flew over to Heaven
possibly from another heaven
where lies a Rainbow Bridge
and where I see you in my dreams
flying and chasing flowers
as beautiful as you . . .

Still in memory of Bogart
January 2001 - April 2010

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  1. First I smiled and admired your lovely flower pictures as well as the dogs.
    At the end of your post I felt your sadness remembering Bogart who passed away.
    Take care and thank you for ssharing your pictures!!

  2. Hi, Sweepy!
    I love your pawesome tribute to Bogart!
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I know how much you all miss him.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. What a lovely post, makes me smile :)

  4. Sweepy even the camera cannot hide your sadness...take care friend, in time our hearts will heal..and there will be joy in Heaven again. We think of Bogart and miss him very much. ( yes even if we didnt have the chance to meet)

    ~ your friend Moy

  5. I was so sad to hear that Bogart had passed away. This is a beautiful tribute to him, so many lovely photographs and it makes me happy that you have many photographs of Bogart.


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