Today's Flower

. . . is the Anthurium.
I'm not sure if that's the name though.
I thought I heard Keeper said
"it's antorture"

But I'm sure she's wrong.
Keeper is bad with flower names.
Come to think of it
she's bad with ANY names!

Well, Keeper used to call me "Sleepy"
but doing so might indeed make me sleepy for life
so instead I was called Sweepy.
But I'm getting sidetracked. . .

Today's Flower:
er, make that Anthurium
Another Bogart Tribute

Anydawg . . .
this funny looking flower
came to our house Heaven
once upon a time . . .

I sniffed it immediately
with my late brother Bogart . . .
You must not trust anything
that looks threatening
and with a funny look
and funny name . . .

When the funny thing
was placed in a glass vase. . .
. . . it looked less threatening.
But still it looked funny.

No, I don't stop to smell the flowers.
I stop at anything that smells.
I smell anything that stops.
And I'm not exactly a flower dog.
But this one sure is . . .
My late brother Bogart
does not only stop to smell flowers
but he also stops to determine
where the flower came from
(nope, not in our house Heaven)
and if the flower is lucky
the flower gets marked . . . for life!
The flower was not lucky that day.

Bogart loved to sniff the flower
even if the flower had no scent.
Methinks, Bogart sniffed to convey
his admiration for flowers!

When Bogart keep watch over the flower . . .

I keep watch with him.
I did that because:
1. I was bored
2. It earned me treats from Keeper
3. I wanted to get bored with Bogart
just for the hang of it!

Flowers beautify our place.
They are dedicated to loved ones
. . . and placed in the altar
together with prayers and fond wishes.

Flowers remind you of your loved ones . . .
whose warm paws never fail
to warm my drooly days
the way friendship warms "dog mommies"
whose hands never fail to reach out
and comfort each other . . .

Flowers are love . . .
Their shadows form hearts
that is perfect for Mother's Day today!

Happy Mothers Day, furries!
Here's to all "dog mommies"
and all who mother lost animals and people.

The reason I don't feel lost today
even if I lost my Mumsy Pica in 2008
and my big brother Bogart last month
was simply because I have this flowerKeeper . . .
. . . who love flowers
and lost and lonely dogs . . .

For more flowers and flowers stories
please visit TodaysFlowers.


  1. Sweet post! Your dogs are so cute. Beautiful funny flower, too.

  2. Sweepy, you will always be loved, MothersDay or not! With or without flowers and Bogart, I will always warm your paws and aching heart...

  3. Another loving post. Beautiful flower photos but also love to see the photos of such beautiful dogs, always be in our hearts.

  4. Wonderful post!!
    Touched my heart!!

  5. interesting views and thoughts sandy

  6. May you have a fantastic day..lovely dogs..(we have those growing around here-but not in my yard. Your dogs are a riot..I like your little post! My best to you and your family,

  7. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in your family, Sweepy!
    Bogart sure loved flowers!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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