Am I In Or Am I Not?

I am in.
Believe it or . . . die.

I just thought I should open another bark site because I find it odd to be barking at my old dusty site, not to mention my cameo appearance at the other site or the dilemma of the missing one . . . plus the fact that in my quest to recover my missing blog, I found out that blogger can only compile as much photos at a given time. My friend in New York lost most of the photos on her blog and it was like 700 something photographs ONLY. Yeah. To think I normally post 5 to 10 per post so I am very likely to lose not just my photographs but woof! ALL MY POSTS as well. DoubleWhammyWoof!

So . . .
Before I get another whammy . . .
Before blogger can restore my missing blog . . .
Before my geek kids can find time in their school work to get my blogs together . . .
Before Keeper can manage to collate and put all my barkings in a neat file for a possible book . . .
Before All my hooman girlfriends and my one and only furever love Cookie could totally abandon me . . . .

and . . .
Before my Alfafa Sumo (Alpha+Papa) goes totally mad . . .

Before my BIG, Black brother Bogart dies from boredom . . .

here's my new barkings.
A drool for a new bark life!
May your drooly life be just as new . . .


  1. Hi, Super Dog Sweepy!
    I hope nothing wrong happens with this your new blog! Paws crossed!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. w00fs, heehee Sweepy, me gonna have to put bells on u, so me can keep up..

    b safe,

  3. w00fs hounds, hmm iz u here!!!

    b safe,


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