My Loooong Quiet Yellow Weeks . . .

Here's The SuperDog . . .

. . . with my bruised face . . .

. . . my torn yellow shirt . . .

. . . worn, faded and sad . . .

. . . much like my spirit . . .

This SuperDog has survived a long, tiring, exhausting week. My looooong days and weeks wearing my yellow shirt, waiting and praying for healing, praying for a pain-free hospital stay of our past President the people lovingly refer to as "Cory", the love of Ninoy (note that I am the only dog featured in the iamninoy project but somebody removed my blog and now nobody can read why this dog is also like Ninoy!) . . . and later the quiet passing of Cory at early dawn as my Alfafa Sumo howled, our nightly vigils, our prayers, our tears . . .

. . . my Cory yellow week. Sad yet glorious. Tiring but memorable.
I am Sweepy the Pinoy SuperDog.
I am Ninoy.
I am Cory too.

I am in every beings
who are willing to take action
against any form of abuses.

I will bark at anybody
animals and people
who will break the law of nature
who will break laws that protect
animal welfare, care and protection,
human rights laws,
environment protection laws,

. . . and especially to those
who prefer to NOT take action
at the many abused animals
the children, the poor, the weak
in their community . . .

And because I do all that
I am a SuperPinoyDog
I am Ninoy
I am Cory . . .

. . . and now, i am tired . . .

But only for now.
Tomorrow, this SuperDog will rise again
and bark again tirelessly
because now . . .
I am Cory too!


  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    Sure you did not have the best week.
    We knew about your President Cory and felt very sad. She was awesome.
    What happened to your face??
    Kisses and hugs

  2. That is my SuperDog bruise.
    SuperDogs have tough times.
    I had mine.
    Kisses and hugs to you too, Lorenza!

  3. Lorenza, that is no SuperDog bruise!
    Sweepy got that from trying to attack any trespassers in our house Heaven. Sweepy just went crazy jumping and landing on walls and the garden! Methinks it is pure clumsiness.

  4. I say it is plain pathetic stupidity.
    But you see I did the Same Thing!
    As they say, "like father, like son (er pup!)"
    Can't blame you, my Superdog.


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