Fashion Watch . . . . NOT!

Hullo, dear furries!
Today I'm off to show you
some of the stuff that hoomans call:
. . . a head band.

It's perfect when you want a headache.
They are supposed to keep de human's hair
away from their face for purposes of hygiene,
and as a fashion statement, but most of all,
so as not to add more acne to their face!

But I am sure it is meant to strangle one's head
and give one a bad case of migraine . . .
in which case, you can use it on your wrist
as in my case, on my paws . . .

and look fashionable
without hurting your paws!

Now this . . .

. . . is another headache hooha.
You wear it and feel the contraption
practically constricting all the blood
flowing from your brain to your tail.
I can have amnesia wearing this, believe me.
But then again, you can wear them on your paws . . .

And now the ultimate!

For-Barking-Out-Loud-Printed HooHa!
Furfect for strolling
with the love of your drooly life!
Pawsome device for attracting
hooman passers-by down RainbowAve
who will drool at you like mad!
How do I look, Bogart?

look like disaster on a hot day.
And so is Keeper Lui looking real mad.

Methinks she's looking for her stuff


I told ya this ain't no fashion watch.
Gotta go before this Supahdawg
gets a real passion headache!

. . . or a dizzying kiss and death-defying HUG
from somebody who thinks you're being cute
when you know you are not trying to be . . .

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    My mom agrees with you! All those things give her headaches!
    Better to wear them on the paws!
    Kisses and hugs


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