Remembering Ninoy . . .

Today my country is remembering Ninoy.

Today we remember Ninoy
as the man who defied the danger to his life
and went back home to the Philippines
after being in exile in the USA
in an attempt to help the Filipinos
regain their freedom
and end the oppression of Martial Law.

But before Ninoy can do that
Ninoy was killed at the airport
as soon as he set foot in his country
on August 21, 1983.

Ninoy's death spurred a scared nation
to rise and regain their freedom.
Ninoy has to die so his country can live.
Ninoy has to die for his quiet widow
to come forward and reclaim Ninoy's fight
to give back to his people their freedom.

Yes, I barked about this last year.
That bark became a part of everybody's cry
everybody who gave their time to blog about it.
Since I lost my blog recently
I reprinted that post here for reference.

I barked because I am like Ninoy
who will not stop when we see abuses.
I barked and will continue to bark
until my action will be heard . . .

I barked . . .

. . . now wait a minute . . .

Oh, for freakin' out, Bogart!
Do you have to butt in like that
and destroy my superdog hooha!?!

Now this is what you get
when you sneak into my blog!

And this is what happens . . .

. . . when you get interrupted
by something BIG, something BLACK
and something totally BLAH!

You lose your spiel.
You lose your props.
You lose your cool.
You lose your shining moment
And you lose . . . .

hey where's my yellow ribbon?


Oh, that's it!
I'm done for now!
My SuperDog Act

IS OVER for now . . .

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