Yvon had a Trim . . .

. . . and this:

. . . is Yvon's stylist
er, tree killer?
Nope? Trees buster?
Okay, the tree trimmer . . . whatever.

The man's name is Tirso.
Tirso is the HandyMan of RainbowAve
who does stuff fit only for reality TV:
canal cleaner, toilet repairman, carpenter,
roof and fence repair, kennel painter, and yeah . . .
landcleaner (he removes dog poos/pees) and tree trimmer.
Nope, he does not do doggy nails.

Tirso goes up Yvon's delicate branches . . .
(Our avocado tree Yvon is pretty delicate!)
and started chopping and trimming Yvon's leaves
chunks and chunks of Yvon's leaves and branches
fell on Heaven's floors with a thud!
Of course, we watched from a distance.

But we kept watch and guarded Tirso.
Just in case the madman chops all of Yvon
and believe me or die, ForBarkingOutLOUD,
that man will not be able to leave Heaven alive!

Of course that will not happen
because Keeper is watching Tirso
and barking at him from the ground
giving instructions as leaves fall all over her
practically burying her every minute!

Oh, for barking out loud!

When Tirso is done . . .

I watch Yvon and Chicky
with their chopped leaves
and they looked happy
as the sun smiled down at them!
Hmmm, trees love a good trim.
It will help them grow better.

Tirso's trimming also includes cleaning after.
All these pile must be sorted out!
And this is the heavy work.
All the leaves and twigs have to be separated . . .

where the twigs are bundled
to be used by other people as firewood
(the neighbors scrambled for it!)

. . . and the leaves stashed inside the rice sacks
for recycling as compost!
Nothing is wasted.
Everything is reused in Heaven.
While Yvon and Chicky
started swaying and posturing
like giggly girls after a trip to the salon!

Keeper said her goodbyes . . .
Keeper whispered to Yvon and Chicky
before Tirso could even start.
Lui said trees are sensitive spirits.
You chop them off without a word and they spite you.
You'll be cursed and you go walking like a moron after!
So don't tell me I did not warn you!

I said goodbye to the fallen leaves too!

Bogart did too
but the big, black thing is not contented with that
and tried to say goodbye to Tirso's bike too!
Talk of morons inhabiting the earth!

The Oh-Ghost (August) month is about to end
and the BER months will soon be here . . .
Our lovely trees Yvon and Chicky are ready
to face another phase of their growth . . .

but as the dusk fell . . .
and all was silent
I watch Yvon in the fading light

. . . and I knew
that with every changes
comes that fleeting sadness
those goodbyes that we are not ready to give
that nameless dread of losing something
and the anticipation of what is to come
the excitement of having new leaves again
and seeing other loving and pesky beings
surround us in our loving space . . . .
as we face our rebirth . . .

Not too many beings know this.
But I know it too well.
After all I live in Heaven.

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  1. Handymen here are called "Todologos"
    Your goodbyes are very interesting!
    Kisses and hugs


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