Another Keeper's Day!

Ok, you've met Keeper Lui (left)
and TheOtherKeeper Luchie (right)
but you see, there's AnotherKeeper
the one who's not into animals
the one who is not really a keeper
the one who calls me "Fifi"
and looks at the black hounds
and stupidly asks:
"Sino ka?" (Who are you?)

Well, ok.
There is that one.
Yeah, that one has a name
but its name-can-not-be-told
lest I suffer for a hundred years of drool
so let's just call her AnotherKeeper.
And here's AnotherKeeper's photo:

Oh, I can't look at that face!
The voice that comes out of that mouth
makes me shiver and my tails disappear
behind my legs, behind my fat tummy
and sometimes curls in complete FEAR!
When I hear her call 'Fifi' I hie off to my house!
Pronto! I-AM-OUT! Woof!

this weekend was AnotherKeeper's bday.
But she was out shopping! So instead, she took
KeeperLui and TheOtherKeeperLuchie
for a brunch treat Sunday at nearby Max
and this is what they ordered:

Rice cooked with veggies, meats, whatever
and can actually serve as a complete meal
but these keepers ordered more . . .

Fresh Lumpia
Chopped veggies, nuts, whatever
wrapped in lumpia wrapper
and served with garlic sauce!
But the keepers wanted more . . .

Sweet and Sour Pork!
Yeah, the dreaded red meat
(didn't I tell you these ladies don't eat red meat
but today, they will, so I guess the rule is broken!)

and KeeperLui just had this:
Plain fried chicken, lumpia, rice and caramel bar.
The cheap value meal something. Ugh!
Keeper gets a freebie meal and she orders blah!

B U T . . .
Keeper ordered this:
Yikes! A big bowl of Halo-halo!
Mixed fruits with ube (sweet yam),
leche flan (super-to-die-for-milk-flan!)
scoops of ube ice cream and crushed ice!
Now, I'm sure that thin keeper
has a boa constrictor in that tummy of hers!
I wonder where she stocks all THAT FOOD!

. . . and the other keepers
(oh, didn't I tell you that these old ladies
are diabetically-yours dessert freaks?!!)
each had these:
I don't know what it is called
but I am sure it is what Popsy Sumo calls "Death"
with scoops of ice cream, macapuno, etc. etc.

There goes TheOtherKeeper . . .
Oh, forbarkingouteatingoutLOUD, Luchie!
Yeah, TheOtherKeeper looks like Cory.
But that's not the point . . .

The point is . . .

The food was soooo cheap
and some of them have to use discount cards!
They were sooooo burpy full
yet they ordered more take-out
for seconds later!

And the important point is
while all these old ladies are having a feast
here I was :
. . . waiting
. . . and waiting . . .
. . . and waiting drooly more . . .

did them ladies had an attack?
did they passed out in the middle of nowhere?
do i still have keepers?
and for freakin' out barkin' loud . . .

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  1. Sweep,

    Oh boy! I sure hope they remembered to bring you home some of that delicious food!



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