September Shots!

Well, it is that time of the year.
That dreaded time
when all the dogs down RainbowAve
are hauled off to the multi-purpose hall
. . . registered again, given the once-over by the city vet
and got their annual anti-rabies shots hooha.
Look at them dawgs.
Totally shivering and with their tails
between their shaking legs!
Oh, what humiliation!

And here's Tuttie Fruttie:
. . . stopping every minute
delaying his dreaded shots!

This one simply refused to have her shots.
Keeper cooed and massaged her neck
and rubbed the fur and almost kissed the wet nose
except that this cute thing growled at her!

Don't dare press that stupid face of yours in mine
or I'm going to bite your head off! Woof!

Well, ok
I know we can be cruel.
Keeper simply smiled.

I mean I should not complain.
I mean I was the one who barked
and endlessly barked
and made a nuisance of myself
sitting at the Mayor's office . . .

. . . barking at the Barangay Captain's office . . .
demanding that dogs be given the attention
care, protection and free shots . . .
me and my big mouth, FBOL!

. . . and some big black thing
kept barking at our Homeowners's President
Emy. . .
. . . everytime Emy passes by our house Heaven
reminding her not to forget!

And of course, they didn't.
They scheduled the free shots in August
but it got canceled several times
until finally they did it last September 4.
All dogs of every color, breed,
temperament, keepers came . . .
. . . and made a mess!
I mean, look it!
The homeowner's assistant has to sweep
all the poo that came out from all that tension!

So, when Keeper said:
Okay, it's our turn guys!

Keeper, it's raining!
You know we can not get wet
nor take a bath after our shots!

Popsy Sumo gave the excuse that he's busy
joining the political rallies!

But no way, Jose!
If you guys refused to go
then the vet will go to us!
The smart vet marched to Heaven
carrying three injections
and before we can even bark
and drool more protests
the vet is done!

And here's what I got:

Keeper tried to comfort me
with a flower she picked along the way.
While the HoundsInHeaven were panting
the old lady was busy taking shots
of other dogs and flowers!

Anyway, the shots did not really hurt.
We just got rattled with all the dogs
passing and panting down the street
and the endless barkings of all dogs
but in truth, I am truly glad
that our community leaders
took the time to care for us.

So, thank you Mayor Cataquiz!
Thank you Dra. Ma. Fe Templado
Mr. Roger Bartoline of the Department of Agriculture
and most especially to Emy Bagulbagul
our feisty leader down RainbowAve!
These great leaders and officials
just gave a hundred dogs
a FREE anti-rabies shots this year!!!
Woof, woof, hurrah!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    That is pawesome. Sure it is a great campaign.
    My city does not do that! Hmmmm...
    I guess I need to follow your example and go to their office and bark at them!
    Kisses and hugs


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