Woofy Weekend!

This is Darkness.

Darkness descended on Heaven.
Heaven went dark.
Heaven went cold.
And I went sleepy . . .

Wait . . .
I know I sleep a lot.
I know I should be up and running.
I know I should be busy and working.
. . . but . . .
Yes, BUT.
The weather is cold and perfect for a nap.
24/7 NAP.
Big Time Snoozing.

Storm Ondoy passed and wreck havoc down my country.
Streets got flooded and people lost their homes!
Keeper went crazy calling and texting people.
And the power was cut-off
so Keeper tried not to use her phone
lest her phone's battery ran out
and she can not charge it.

Are we eating all the food in the fridge, Keeper?

I mean, without power, all the food in the freezer will get spoiled!
We can eat them now before that happens!
Wh-what? What do you mean that was some crazy idea?!!

the storm Ondoy did not pass by Heaven.
It passed someplace else but Ondoy's rains and gusty winds did.
Keeper prayed and we did not get flooded!
See? We only had wet streets and sleepy weather
but we were fine in Heaven!
Keeper prayed and helped some friends get rescued.
Keeper prayed that we will not get scared.
I snuggled in my house all week
that I missed out on a lot of things!

I missed my hooman gurlfriend's bday!
Belated Hapibday Jillian!
While I'm at it, belated bday Sparky, Pedro,
and before I miss again and miss my mind
the love of my drooly life Cookie
will be celebrating her birthday on October 3!
And Sparky just delivered my gift to Cookie.
And I completely forgot all about it!
Thank you, Sparky!

Keeper said the weather will be fine tomorrow.
Keeper is praying and hoping people will be able to start anew.
It will not be easy.
But so many people are helping everywhere!
And if only we could, we would volunteer to rescue too!
Keeper said instead of buying my bacon treats
she will donate money for flood victims.
Keeper might have to buy things for Jillian
who lost all their stuff in the flood!

I will stay safe and warm in Heaven
and I pray that all furries
roaming and lost in the streets
will be rescued too
given food and warm shelters
and loving hugs to keep them safe. . .


  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    Glad to know you all are ok!
    We watched the news and it looked scary!
    Paws crossed for all those who are suffering now!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I heard you got lots of rain in your neck of the world! I hope you dry out soon :P



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