Drooly Stormy Week!

SkyWatch Friday
Woofy woof woof!

The cloud is gonna COLLAPSED!
Help! Woof help!

SkyWatch Saturday
Woofy woe-gone!

Ok, that's it!
My week is ruined.
Totally ruined.
Saturday is my GF Cookie's bday
and I am home watching the stormy skies!

I should be flying to Canada
to be with my Beloved GF.
I should be wearing my mask
for ma Cookie's party
but no mask
no traveling
no partying
no . . . woofy ANYTHING!


All week I have to watch Flor.
the woman who have to wash
tons and tons of my hooman GF's clothes!
My three GurlFriends (I have seven!;->)
brought their mud-soaked clothes
to our house Heaven last week
because their house got buried
in mud, grease and what-not
from Storm Ondoy!

I can't understand why I have to watch the laundry
because my Popsy Sumo is watching too!
Popsy wanted to make sure
that every yucky, muddy clothing
will get back to its pristine white
yummy smelling stuff!
Tough luck Flor!

I can't understand why I have to watch the flower too.
I mean, some big, black, dopey thing is
The Flower Dawg
but no sirree!!!!
I have to keep watch over it as well!!!!
Pretty as a pie Flower-Watcher!
And I have to keep watch over that lone flower
who sings non-stop by-the-way
while watching the skies as well!
I have to multi-task!

I should put all that in my resume:

Sweepy's Competencies:
SuperDog powers, skywatcher, lawbreaker howler,
laundry watcher, flower watcher, mail watcher,
appointments keeper, creative dog, reader advocate
etcetera . . .etcetera . . .woofyetcetera . . .

I have to do all these work
when all I wanted to do
all I ever wanted to keep watch . . .

. . . is that empty seat beside me!

That empty seat that should be occupied
by my black, curly, loving Cookie
who is celebrating her bday
while I am doomed
in my stormy country
drooling and pining
for my great love . . .

Happy, loving Birthday Cookie!
I love you more than you ever know.
I love you more than your Channy!
And I love and drool for you
and your furry tails,
broken whiskers
and woofy

Woofy sigh.


  1. Sigh.
    100 sighs.

    I really should have a life...

  2. Such a lovely dog and scary sky you have got there! I hope it will come out to the best, the weather to calm down, for the best to all of you! Take care! :)


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