Stormy Week Blues!

Okay, I survived two storms last week!
Nope, it is not because I am a SuperDog.
And nope, it is not because I was sleeping.
And yeah, I was sleeping
but that's not the point!

I survived because the two storms
Ondoy (Ketsana) and Peping (Parma)
did not really passed by our house Heaven!

Anydawg, we still had rains!
We had gutsy, er, gusty winds
howling winds and drooling black hounds!

Remember, when my hooman girlfriends
dumped their laundry in Heaven last week
after their house got submerged from icky mud and what-not?

Yeah, those yucky mud-plastered clothes
that they thought they lost
buried with everything they own
in their mud-covered house?

Flor, the Official WashWoman in Heaven
gave their clothes a good washing.
Flor did not do anything for a week
except to wash all those clothes
earning her months salary in a week!

And now, all the clothes are like new again.
Clean, fragrant, folded and ready to be sent
back to all my hooman gurlfriends
so they can wear them to school again!

TheOtherKeeper Luchie is delivering all the clothes herself
to make sure these clean clothes get to them on time!

Luchie is happy.
Keeper Lui is happy.
Popsy Sumo is happy.
Bogart is happy.
Troy is happy
Chicky and Yvon are happy.
FBOL, MrLeach is happy.
Heck, Frogsky is happy
and this, inspite of his missing legs,
which some big, black, drooling somedawg
probably swallowed after playing with the poor thing!
Bless his slimy leg and all!

I should be happy.
I should be singing praises
but really now . . .
why should I?

I can not be happy.
I missed my gurlfriend Cookie's birthday!

I missed my 2010 calendar shot deadline.
I missed my democracy video deadline.
I missed my blog award deadline.
I still miss my old missing blog . . .

I missed a lot of everydawg thing
that even if the storms missed us by a mile
I felt like I missed a lot!

Now, I wonder:
is somebody missing me at all?

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    Of course I miss you! But I understand there are important thing happening to you all there!
    I am happy to know you all are ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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