Heaven Alert! Super Typhoon On The Way!

Not again.
Bogart, did you hear that?

It sounds unbelievable though.
I mean we have sunny weather now
and I feel like having another bath
but where is Keeper?

And where are you going, bigB?

Did you just see a big, black thing pass?
You really can't get any decent barking around here
without your ONLY chat mate walking out on you!
Hey, Bogart, come back here!

You can't get anything from that fat thing!
Methinks Bogart lives to sleep, eat
and watch the flowers around our house Heaven.
That is, if he is not busy bullying with MrFrogsky.

Bogart does not seem worried about the coming typhoon.
It has already entered our territory
and the weather guy just said to expect the worst!
I can't really trust this "whether guy" . . .
You see, TheWhetherGuy who does not really know
whether its going to rain or shine
because when he says its sunny, we get rains!
And when he says its gonna rain, we get blasting heat!
And now, he tells us that there's a super typhoon
with a freakin' international name Lupit
OMD, lupit in our language means CRUEL!!!

Bogart, lets get out of here!!!

What do you mean we have to wait for Keeper?
And where is Keeper?
What do you mean she's attending a Halloween party?
It isn't Halloween yet!!!
What's wrong with that old woman!!

Oh, I'm doomed!
A typhoon is coming
and my old lady is partying!
A typhoon will definitely fling my furry self
into the wilderness outside Heaven
and my big brother takes a nap
my popsy Sumo is snoring
and my mobile phone kept twitting!!!

I know there's a coming typhoon!
And I'm quite helpless about it!

Stop the twits!!!

Oh Keeper where are you????

I am here, Sweepy!
The typhoon will not hit us.
I prayed for it.
Have faith and believe.
And we will be safe!


  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    I hear the news about that thypon and I said... No please, not again!
    I have faith too that you all are going to be ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hi the Sweepy
    Great to find your blog. It's great to meet new friends here.

    Hope we can follow each other's adventures. We invite you to visit us in our world.


    -Princess, Fudgie, Scrappy, Bullet, Frappie, Mocha & Sugar


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