Howl-O-Sweepy . . ..

I mean, look it:

That's me and big brother Bogart
circa 2008.

Cutesy like clowns!
Oh, I hate it!
Instead of scaring hoomans
they laughed and cooed at us!

Instead of running for their very lives
at the sight of our supposed scary costumes
people laughingly went and hugged us
offering candies and other stuff
that Keeper refused to give to us!

Oh, why can't some humans understand
what dogs can and can not eat!

Oh, why can't hoomans
know and understand
when I wanted hugs
and when I want pure
unadulterated fright moments.
I had it with cutesy-patootsie-whatever!

after the scary typhoon Santi (Mirinae)
that howled and passed Heaven last Saturday,
Keeper promised to make us some scary masks
in time for our trick or treat
the night after the storm.
And so I waited.

Sweeepppppeeeee . . . .

Whoa, what was that!?!

Sweeeeeepy-pie . . .

Hey, Bogart, did you hear that?
TheOtherKeeperLuchie is busy in her garden.
Keeper is . . . hey, where is Keeper?

Sweeeeepy-cutey-pupsy-pie . . .

I think I am hallucinating.
I am beginning to hear things.
Keeper said I should stay by the gate
and wait for courier guy to deliver our masks.

Boooooooo . . ..gart! BOO! BOO! Booooo-gart!

Get off! And watch what you say!


I am not that.
I am sorry I can not talk to you.

Keeper told me not to talk
to strange-looking creatures.

Hey, Bogart!
who are you talking to?
I swear I heard you talking to somebody.
Do you know where Keeper is?

Are you looking for me, my dear Sweepy?
Come and give me a hug!

No way!

You might sound like Keeper
but you can not fool me!!!

Oh, where did that old lady go?
Maybe, we should just hide here Bogart.
I just encountered a strange thing
that sounds exactly like our old lady.
But then again, maybe Keeper is that strange thing!
I am sure it sounds just like her!

But just the same
maybe we should just hide here.
You'll never know what lies
prowling and howling
after that typhoon Santi.

You think maybe that creepy thing ate Keeper?
You think maybe Keeper can be home
with our scariest masks
in time for our trick or treat, Bogart?

Sweeeeeepeeee . . . .
Booooooo . . .
gart . . .
your masks are here!
(canned laughter)

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    Glad to know everything is ok there! Those typhoons are not funny!
    That creepy thing ate Keeper?? Oh-oh! If I were there, I sure had fainted!
    Kisses and hugs


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