The Continuing Saga of Beings

Who Always Remember Their Tale
a story by Sweepy

a possible sequel or epilogue
to my great classical drooly tale

The inevitable has happened.
Today is 11.11.11
For dimwits like my big, black bro Bogart
allow me to explain that
this whole earth-shaking "11" saga
means November 11, 11 AM.
Yes people.
Numbers mean something.
Don't ask me what.
Its message is only revealed
to enlightened souls and beings
like yours truly.
And only at a proper time and place
and drooly alignment of the stars.
And that alignment is NOW.

And now the tale . . .

Bugsy, the forlorn hero of my story
has resurrected himself!
Bugsy's spirit rose from the grimy,
stinking earth that lies beneath the feet
of the singing trees of a place called Heaven.

This SuperDog saw the whole thing.
I saw Bugsy's spirit blinked once or twice
and reclaimed its dead, ant-eaten body
like some silly robot that transforms into a car
or an orphaned wizard with a scar
who can not mention his enemy's name.

Bugsy flew over the cuckoo's nest
and got hit by a falling chico fruit
and saved by a flying maya bird
who realized the thing is not edible
and dumped Bugsy back to earth
where poor Bugsy fell in dizzy fashion.

Is the hero alive?
Is he going to make it
in his second lifetime?

Curled like a loser
Bugsy stretched himself
exactly the way the Superdog
does his yoga pose in Heaven.
The dead man's pose is supposed to making you alive.
Bugsy knew that from watching Heaven too much.

I think my main character just went doggo!
I was not even halfway to the crux of my tale
and the poor thing just went DEAD!
Right before the storyteller's eyes!
What a bummer!
What a whammer for a story!
That's it, my tale is ruined!

"Duh, I think he's dead"
mutters a big black character
that goes by the name Bogart

He is All Dead, Bogart!
What's the matter with you!
Keeper buried him in Heaven's forest
many full moons ago
in case you have forgotten!
cried the SuperDog.

So that is Bugsy!
Oh I knew he would come back!
Are you okay Bugsy?

Don't you ever get near him, Bogart!
Don't you ever touch him!

I just want to make sure he's okay.
That was quite a fall!

Duh, I think he wants to say something . . .

He's alive????
The drooly thing is A-LIVE???

Now, wait a minute!
I have to see this . . .

Sweepy, I came back!
I want to reunite with my Malone.
I want to rekindle our lost tale!
But it is too late!

Wh-what do you mean too late?
You're alive!
You're back!
It is never late!

Yes, it is.
I saw Malone.

I saw my great love.
But I don't think I want her now . . .

You Can't Woofy Die On Me Now!!
We need to write your story!

"He's dead"
mourns Bogart.
". . and here comes Malone . . ."

"Hey-yo, Sweepy!
Have you seen Bugsy?
I heard he came back for me"

But what happened to you???
You looked frighteningly OLD!
I mean, er,
well . . . drooly old.

"Of course, I'm old, silly.
Cockroaches age fast.
What's with you?
Now where's my lover
so we can continue
our great story.
The right time is now!"

No. No. Nopesy.
The right time is NEVER!
This tale is OVER.
What a waste!
Oh, lets go back Bogart!

I am writing FINIS to this stupid tale.
That's it, Bogart!
I am not going to do anything
about these miserable creatures!
This is beyond my drooly life!
I refused to have anything to do
with ageing cockroaches and clumsy bugs!

Not even if the time is right
and the moon hovers over the light of day . . .

. . . and the right numbers
align itself like magic,
I ain't doing any sequel
to any boring tale!

Now where's Keeper?
I think I need a gallon of mud pies!


  1. Hahaha! Great story telling. Poor Bugsy..


  2. You are doggone pathetic Sweepy!
    So dark your stories!
    I think I should schedule you one of these days with an animal behaviorist!



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