That is not an expression.
That is the name of this creature:

It is short for Ohmagad.
Ohmagad is a higad.
A higad is a filipino word for caterpillar
something hideously hairy, deadly and blah.
TheOtherKeeper said OMG is a butterfly.
But you can't fool this SuperDog.
That ain't no butterpie!
I know the creatures in Heaven.

Anydawg . . .
when Keeper sees OMG
you'll hear a shriek
that can cover the whole length
of RainbowAvenue.
Suffice it to say
Keeper is not exactly fond of OMG.

Ok guys, listen!
Stay out of OMG way!

Do Not Dare
Sniff, Touch, lest Eat . . .!
Keeper was not able to finish her sentence
because the very thought of it
the mere possibility of it happening
makes her very sick.

Popsy Sumo, of course, is another story.
When something moves in Heaven
that mean alpha something dawg
will surely go for the kill!!!

Watch OMG hiding like mad!
"i-am-not-here! help!"

Too late, bloke.
Popsy does not listen to any warnings
not even from TheKeeper.

But don't worry
my old man, er old dog
can't see clearly
so take it easy.

OMG is really such a classic scare.
Keeper said that if OMG should happen to touch her skin she will bloat like crazy and will make her very, very sick. Keeper told us of all possibly freaky scary stories that hairy creatures like OMG can do to dogs like us. I shudder to find out. Watch it!

What do you Want, hairy guy????

OMG loves to go to Heaven
because there is something in Heaven
that makes this forbidden hairy something
dare to cross the boundary
between decency and death.
Popsy can eat him at the risk of death.
Bogart can step on him at the risk of nothing.
Now that is not decent.
Chose your fate, bloke!

"i want em bike"

You heard that right.
OMG wanted to ride The Bike.
Believe it or die!

Watch him wiggle his way to it
when Popsy Sumo is taking his nap
and Bogart is out guarding some flowers
and Keeper is myopically just out
OMG attempts his fate
like a silly contestant
in a silly reality survival show.

You can't have the bike, pleez!
You're not allowed here!
I can't have you stinging us!

But no. The bloke is determined.
Off he went, a mere inches from his goal . . .

And when he got there
he realized it is not exactly a bike!
I told you! That ain't No Bike!
That's one of Keeper's project in the making.
It was meant to be a sculpture-lamp-dud!
What's with you!!!!

Here comes Bogart!

. . .practically slumped his big, fat self!
I swear I heard something scrunched like mad!
Somebody just got squeezed flat out
and aleluia, the hairy beast is gone!

Oh what a fitting finale!
Not decent.
But death nonetheless!
Bogart, you are my hero!
Wait till Keeper hears this . . .

Now this is a great story.
Better than my Bugsy-Malone tale in my last post.
I should write and expand this sorry tale a bit
because who knows, some film-maker might happen to pass by
and get my freakin' scary story
for some great fright night . . .

Now, will you get up Bogart
so I can see how the bloke looks
dead by total knock out?


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