Ho-Ho-Ho . . .

Ha! Ha! Ha!
It's that time of the year again!
Jolly time!
Hi! Hi! Hi!

I better make my mailing list!
I better check my wishlist too!
Okay, so how many peeps and pups
for my holiday cards . . .

I think I need more paper.
Where's Keeper?
Hmmm, where's that old woman?
I think I might have to mail 200 cards this year!
Oh-no! Keeper will go crazy when she sees my list!
Hu! Hu! Hu!

Anydawg . . .
it is time to do my holiday cards too.
That means I have to have my drooly photograph taken.
Maybe I should do away with my Santa hat this year.
How about a blasting red something?

I look like somebody abandoned
down the drooly RainbowAve!

People might think I am lost
and put me in the slammer
for looking like a lost clown!

Hey! who took my red tablecloth down here?

Ok, strike the red something!
Geez, you can't wear anything funny down here
without somebody breathing down your throat!
I think I will try to wear my late Mumsy Pica's scarf
and possibly have another funky story
to mail to all my friends . . .

Hey, Popsy!
We need to rehearse our photo shoot!
Come wear this and let's see how you look:

My Popsy Sumo.
Neat as a cupcake.
Wait a minute . . .
do you hear somebody growling?

Please don't get mad Popsy!
We need this for our cards, remember?

Okay watch that violent-looking thing!
You can't make that angry black thing
do anything that he does not want to.
Hmmm, I don't think Popsy wants the scarf . . .

Anydawg, hey Bogart!

Maybe, we should shoot Bogart first . . .

Looking like some big dumbo!
You can finish a whole roll of film
and my big black brother Bogart
will always look the same:
Totally blah!

And now its my turn:
Hey, I'm not yet ready, okay?!!
I need time to rehearse my pose!
Ok, how about this one?

I look like somebody
finding the new moon during twilight.
Ok, how about this one?

Drooly shot! Nope!

Oh, this is so difficult when you have to shoot yourself
and wait for the drooly timer to click.
You feel like scratching your nose
or licking your paw or something.
I mean, look it. It is 35 degrees down here
and wearing a scarf and hat makes me sweat!
And dogs don't sweat, mind you!

Another drat shot!
I can take all day doing this!
I wonder where Keeper went?!!

I think I need to hire a good photographer.
Somebody really cool
and with a real cool digicam.
Somebody who knows my perfect angle.
What do you mean they all went to the ad congress???

Oh well,
you really can't have everything.
Some days, you just have to do it yourself.
And after a few yawns,
licking, sweating buckets
and drooling like crazy . . .

. . . my almost purr-fect shot:

Now, its time to get the right handmade paper . . .
what do you mean we don't have paper?!?
What do you mean we don't have stickers?!?
What's wrong with this world!?!!

And oooopsy . . .
before I forget
it is 33 days before Christmas. . .

Now will somebody go and get me some drooly paper!!!!!

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  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    I can see you have been having a very interesting time with your pictures for Christmas!
    I am sure the final result will be pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs


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