The Other Keeper's Bday

Yeah, look at them old girls.
Having a great time, I suppose.
As you can see, they are in my favorite place.
A place that serves food galore.
Where you can eat anything and everything.
Don't take my bark for it. It says:

"eat all you can
eat all you want"

It is Luchie's so-so birthday
that's why they went to eat out.
Without us.
Without The Hounds.
Outside of Heaven.
What's wrong with these people???

So they ate out.
To this place that serves My Kind of Food.
5o different Pinoy melt-in-your-mouth dishes
in cheap, budget prices fit for misers like them:

Appetizers like salad, crispy fried kangkong, calamares,
piping hot sinigang (spicy fish broth) and creamy squash soup . . .

. . . to the main dishes like lechon, tocino, tapa, barbecue . . .

if you noticed these are RED MEAT
something that Keeper avoids like anything
but obviously, today is eat red meat day!
and them old gurls are eating MEAT!

But there's also: adobo chicken, stuffed fish,
creamy escargot, burong hipon (pickled shrimps)
which they loved so much
they bought a bottle to take home!

They pair these meats with garlic fried rice or bringhe
and even with noodles like pancit!
. . . dipped in rich sauces and gravies
that will surely give them a heart attack!

And of course
the Dessert:
. . .sweetened bananas, sticky rice cakes (biko), gelatin
guinatan, and Keeper's favorite halo-halo (mixed fruits)
topped with crushed ice and coconut milk!

Look, they even had their pictures taken
while taking their 10th stop at the buffet spread!
Well, I have my own spy.
I asked my spy to follow them girls
so I know what they were up to!

And my spy told me
that after eating non-stop for hours
and tasting each and every dish
that the waiters' eyes popped out
he probably can not imagine
anybody eating so much in their entire life!
My hoomans are completely shameless!!!

And my spy "twit"
that they went to the nearby cake shop
and ordered drooly cakes too!

And while my spy "twits" all of these
I waited with my big, black brother . . .
. . . who has not decided if he will wear
the same drooly santa hat
or the scarf and bonnet set I picked
for the holiday cards I am designing!

Bogart! We don't have time to argue now!
We have to wait for them gurls
and all the doggy bags they will bring!

But when the hoomans got back
they did not bring ANYTHING at all!!!

TheOtherKeeper Luchie left to go someplace.
AnotherKeeper did not return at all
apparently stranded in the mall shopping!
While Keeper went out to get somebody
to fix the TV without a word!

Hey, where's Our Food???

Oh-oh, Popsy Sumo does not like it.
Popsy does not like AT ALL!!!

After posing in all that hot scarf and hat
for our drooly holiday thing
and hearing about the "twits"
of all the food the hoomans ate
Popsy want something back
or hell will break loose in Heaven!


Er, Luchie, are you coming home soon?
We're waiting for your birthday treat.
Hapibaloneybirthday, Luchie!
Now where's your treat?

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  1. Happy Birthday Luchie!
    That is the way to celebrate!
    Sorry you were not invited Sweepy!
    Kisses and hugs


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