Last year's Parol . . .

O Christmas Star
where art thou?

Remember that beautiful Christmas star
that TheOtherKeeper Luchie made last year?
It is called Parol in my country.
TheOtherKeeper retrieved the frame
in the dusty storage room last year
and decided to resume the happy family tradition
of making their own parol for the holidays.
I mean it is a family tradition
handed down from their father
who was the great do-it-all guy.
Bless his soul!

I mean it took days . . .
no, make that weeks,
no, make that months
for TheOtherKeeper to finish it!

TheOtherKeeper finished it
in time for our party.
In time for my Christmas story too.
So, whatever happened to that parol?

Well, here's what happened
to that DIY parol project
the week after the holidays:

. . . it was brought down . . .

. . . and a black thing got to it . . .

. . . methinks the black thing was mad . . .
totally, insanely, MAD.
Tore madly at the parol
like a raging bull!

Yeah, well.
Popsy Sumo was not the only one gone mad. . .

Those were two MAD pups too.
Totally blasting insane.
Bogart and I tore at the parol like mad dogs,
gnashing our teeth and sinking our fangs
deeper and deeper . . .

. . . until not a single white fluffy thing
remained pasted on the parol!
The parol project is dead.
Gone. Nada. Haha!

But there's more!

You dive into all that paper
like diving into snow
except that it's not freezing cold
but fluffy warm
and it flies all over!
Oh, what drooly FUN!

Go, Bogart, go!
See that black thing dance
and dive into all that paper!
Oh, what FUN!

Oh-oh, here comes TheOtherKeeper . . .

Without a word
she gathered all the stuff . . .
and started sweeping
all the flying fluffy white thing
all around Heaven!

TheOtherKeeper did it so fast
that before Bogart can say 'duh'
the whole thing was swept away.
In minutes!

Duh, where did it go?
Bogart dumbly asked.

I looked around.
The place was cleaned of anything, Bogart!
The old lady swept everything away!
Hmmm, but where did it all go?

It was gathered inside that small thing!
Everything was swept and gathered
in that small bag!
All the weeks and months
of sweating it out
and getting practically cross-eyed
pasting all that stuff
gone and done
in just a few minutes!

All that mad scrambling about
over in just a few minutes.
What was that all about?

That's about it.
It's over Bogart.
That small blasted bag says it all.
That small blasted bag told us
that the drooly holidays were over.
It was over before I can even do
ten laps of mad divings
into all that wasted white paper!
What a waste of energies!

Popsy Sumo was not able to get over it.
Popsy went up to TheOtherKeeper . . .
Are we done, Luchie?

Yes, Sumo-pie, we're done.
TheOtherKeeper stored the frame
and probably vowed never to do it again.
I bet Luchie will store that parol frame
and lock it in the store room
for a hundred year
never to be used again!

I say that because I don't see it this year.
I did not see anybody working on a parol
as early as September or October
or at any time this month!
Keeper, who does the decorating,
did not hang any big, white parol this year.

What I did see
are these freaky characters
of my drooly past . . .

. . . out to haunt me I guess.

Yo, Sweepy!
Give us a story!
Make one with us on it!
Make it really hip this year!
Send it to yer friends!
Twit it to all!
Hey-yo, Sweepy!

And with that
my drooly fate is sealed.
Ok, I'm off to write my story
and yes, I'm including
all these freaky characters . . . again.
And yes, I'm sending to all of you . . . again.
Be warned.
Be afraid.
Hang on furries.

Hey, Keeper!
Bring me to that antique desktop.
I'm off to write a story . . .

. . . and ooopsy,
before I forgetsy
lemme greet Keeper's bro Joey
a big, drooly kiss on his bday today!
Hey, Joey! Keeper misses u a lot!


  1. No Parol this year, Sweepy?? What happened with the tradition?? Hmmmm...
    Well... now I will be waiting for your story!
    Happy Birthday to Joey!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Thanks for greeting Joey, Lorenza!
    There will be no parol this year because Luchie was so busy to spend a week, or months just making the parol. What a bummer! Keeper wanted to do it but Keeper is not allowed to divert from the traditional design and Keeper wanted to do it like a recycled sculpture star whatever! I wanted to do it too but I was not allowed too! Methinks somebody must be able to break all that tradition.


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