SuperDog Diary


SuperDog Task for the Day:
a nest.

Birdsky's nest.

An abandoned nest on Yvon's arm.
Yvon, our avocado tree, has a lot of visitors
and they leave their houses and whatnots
in Yvon's many arms and leaves.
And my hoomans get very excited
not to mention super starstruck
er, make that neststruck, aroooooo!
holding birdsky houses in their hands!

Woof Keeper, if Mumsy Birdsky finds the nest empty
you better watch it or she'll go and peck all of us
in record-breaking time!
Now don't say I didn't warn you!

The hoomans are up on the roof again
because yesterday was
Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor)
and it was declared a holiday.
And my OC keepers looked around
itching to find anything to do
and I swear I saw Keeper
eyeing our furs with a wicked smile
until I told her "No Way!"
I ain't having any of my furs trimmed
shaved or whatever hooha
just to cool off for summer!

. . . not even if it gets itsy-bitsy
when I don my SuperS costume
and the temperature is 36 degrees SuperHOT.
I'm not having my furs shaved!

Duh. What are we going to do with this?

Search me, big B.
Keeper said to just watch it.
Keeper said we should not touch it EVER!
Maybe she'll make birds nest soup?
Or maybe use it for an installation art?
Or maybe, she'll live in it for a change.
Oh, don't ask me.
My job is just to watch it.

Earlier when the kid Ricky . . .
. . . went up the roof by climbing through
our chico tree Chicky . . .
Bogart and I waited droolingly . . .

and . . .

The next scene is totally gross.
All young readers should hurry
and seek ParentalGuidance
and all adult readers should hurry
and seek KiddyGuidance
or vice versa
or whatever
or in short
the next drooly story
is rated PG.
Or in canine lingo: PawyGooey.

To continue . . .
hey, gurls, close your eyes
and go eat somewhere
before I continue with ma story . . .

To continue . . .
when Ricky, the assigned tree-trimmer
started throwing trimmed branches from the tree
I immediately MARKED it . ..

. . . and Bogart MARKED it too:

. . . and all that birdy smell
made me MARK it well . . .
I got carried away . . . .

And when the tree trimmer
stepped on somebody's poo
that's when I was immediately dispatched
to watch the stupid nest!
Oh, I'm sorry Birdsky.
I mean your lovey-dovey housey.

But before that
Bogart and I also spotted this:
. . . a tub-full of Santol fruits.
Hey Keeper, are we making santol jam?

Nope, I'm sending them over to the neighbor next door
since it came from their santol tree
which is leaning over our property and roof!

Aw shucks.
And before I was instructed to watch the nest
I heard a commotion down RainbowAve
and when I rushed in front of the house
I saw this monster pass our house Heaven:

It was MrCarabao transit store again!
MrCarabao travelling store carries
all things bright and beautiful
like baskets, bags, hammocks . . .

. . . but what really happened . ..
the really sorry part of the day . . .
was that the nest disappeared!
. . . and I had no inkling whatsoever . . .
. . . as to who, what, how . . .

And before I knew it
and before Keeper finds out
and long before the whole of Heaven
goes into a loud superhooha moment . . .
I better hide . . .
er, make that "hang out"
beside the rocking chair
before anybody
rocks my drooly world.


  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    I can see you two marked very well there!
    I love how you look with your SuperDog costume!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Oh wow, that was quite an exciting day. And thank you for also posting those beautiful flowers for Today's Flowers on your other blog. You are very cute dogs.

  3. Sweepy you have a wonderful blog, even the gross pictures, they are so, well, let me think, "natural".

  4. Hi Sweepy, how are you?And Bogart`?U have a wonderful blog....
    congrats for sharing and HAVE A NICE DAY


  5. Oh, you guys are just too much!! Love your bloggy world and inhibitions. Beautiful flowers at your other place.
    Thanks for sharing!


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