Holy 24/7

We had a drooly quiet week.
It is also called Confusion week.

People call it Semana Santa.
In Pilipino they refer to it as Mahal na Araw
which translates to Love (mahal) Day (araw)
which is not to be confused with ValentinesDay.

Semana Santa means Holy Week
taken from the early times when the Spanish colonizers
introduced Christianity which the early Pinoys accepted.
The colonizers stayed for 300 years which is the reason
the Pinoys have some Spanish words and traditions.
Then the American colonizers came
and introduced english and hollywood.
When the Japanese colonizers came
only the spies spoke japanese.

But you see before the colonizers came to my island
the canine arrived first and introduced woofy drooly sounds
that passes for smart lingo among drooly hoomans.
End of History.

The Holy Week started last March 28 . . .
when the hoomans started waving palms in church
which is why it is aptly called Palm Sunday.

But my hoomans did not buy any palms!
The drooly woman in red is TheOtherKeeperLuchi
hurrying to church pass the palm vendors.
My drooly hooman keepers refused to play
the silly role of rah-rah peeps who welcomed Christ
by waving palms and after five days crucified Him!
Nope. My hoomans prefer to play the grieving women
but there are no role-playing for them on HolyWeek
so my keepers decided to just pray
and do housework and tend to all of Heaven's beings
which includes me and the black hounds.

But the Holy Week means fasting.
Not fast eating.
Not fast anything.
Nothing fast.

So when somebody brought this:
Nobody can eat it.
These ones as well:

And this . . .
Hey, I know you mean well
by sending your belated gifts for moi
but hello peeps, chocolates are poison for dogs
and so are peanuts and all those
mouth-watering, drooly hooha!
Life is doggone fasting week.

I went to the doggy shop
hoping to find some cool outfits . . .

. . . or even look for that cool gold collar
with my name on it!
But Nope. Shopping is NOT allowed.

Not even these drooly toys . . .
. . . which looks purr-fect to dive and wrestle with
not to mention woofy scary hooha when it pops . . .
Nope. It is Holy Week and anything frivolous is Off.

I have nothing exciting to do all week.
I can not even eat the chico fruit
which teasingly fell before our eyes!

And when I don my SuperDog outfit . . .
Keeper made me her footrest while reading!
Keeper said I felt like a fur ottoman!

So I had no choice but remove my S-outfit
. . . and just wait out the drooly week
when I can see some action
and do some hooha stunts.

By Sunday, it was Easter
and people started getting noisy
and made us this drooly chicken hooha!
Ahhhh, my favorite!
Y'see I eat only chicken.
Grilled, boiled, fried, roasted, kibbled chicken.
I am sooooo chicken that sometimes
I know I sound and smell like one already!

Oh, finally!
My drooly week is over!
And Gaucho sent this:
. . . a wonderful ending to a woofy-woo-hoo-week.
Thank you Gaucho and Angel Verdi!
Buenos Semana Santa!

Keeper said HolyWeek is really about renewal.
I wonder what that means.
The last time she talked about renewal
was when she told Bogart to shave his fur for summer!

Keeper, I-Am-Keeping-ALL-My-Furs!
HolyWeek or not, I ain't renewing anything.
Woof, I ain't changing anything
not even my drooly title

Hey, are we having yogurt tonight, Bogart?

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