Earth Hour: March 27

Well, you all know
this SuperDog is super BIG
on anything about earth
wind, water, fire and drools.

So when EarthHour comes calling
I was up and prepared as early as February!
Arf-Arf-Woofy-Switch-OFF Ready!
As soon as the Year of the Tiger rolls in
I was already hoarse barking
at all wasteful peeps and drooly animals
most especially the black hounds in our house Heaven
whose main demand is to have the fan
switched on from 9AM to 6PM!
Keeper, those black hounds must have their black furs shaved off
and their drooly mouths stuffed with ice cubes
all drooly day and snore-y nights!!!
Those black hounds consume more electricity
than all 3 hoomans living in our house Heaven!

Anydawg, EarthHour started as early as 8 PM
when Keeper started gathering us early
after having our full meals at 6PM
and after having all our bowls cleaned and dried
and after having all our furs wiped, brushed, kissed
and then, TheKeeper gave us instructions:

We will CLOSE ALL LIGHTS and turn off power
except the refrigerator
because we have all of your meat food in there
and we don't want anything spoiled.

But we will observe Earth Hour together in the dark

but if you feel like curling in your pillows

go ahead but sleep in the dark . . .

And here's Popsy Sumo at 8 PM:
. . . Popsy was so black even with lights on
that nobody, not even this SuperDog can see him
even as he went back to his house to sleep!

Hey, Bogart!
Do you think maybe we should just stay in our house
because when that light is out . . .
. . . it will be so drooly spooky!!!

. . . not to mention that we might also end up
being the footrest of some drooly peeps!

But when the lights were switched off . . .
. . . Bogart refused to budge!
Bogart wanted to stay close to the hoomans
who were gabbing like madman
calling out to people walking cluelessly
down Rainbow Avenue
to close all lights!!!

Keeper even shouted at cars to turn off their headlights!
That old woman is foolishly rabid and dangerous!
Keeper shouted at people with mobile phones
music players, the convenience stores with lights on,
even walking dogs with headsets and pawshoes with lights!
My hooman keepers were sneering at everybody
who were clueless and not participating
at our EarthHour hooha!

The next day, I was totally OFF. . .
. . . even in my drooly sleep
I can still hear Keeper's spooky voice
taunting everybody to turn their lights off . . .

But then
somebody scooped me up!
Oh, Sweepy!
I am sooooo sorry for missing your bday!

Duh, Luchie, that dog just pooed
and played in the muddy forest
at the back of Heaven.

Oh, don't spoil the hug, Bogart!
The hooman is apologizing and I'm going to milk this opportunity
to press my demand for a new yellow or gold collar!

PLUS . . .
. . . this SuperDog costume needs some alteration.
I'd rather that TheOtherKeeper does the sewing
instead of Keeper whose sewing skill is pffft!

Duh. Maybe I should try it on for size . . .
. . . it looks kindda good . . .

Oh, I'm sure, Bogart!
But y'see, it only looks good on me!
for I am
. . . de only SuperDog!

Now, if you'll excuse me
I'm off to visit another super dawg . . .
. . . forwarded by Mona's mumsy
whose amazing doggy skills
can put any dog's superhooha to shame . . .

Oh, go ahead.
Tell him to sit, sing, fetch, sleep, roll over, and kiss.
This dude will do anything that this SuperDog won't do . . .

If not, turn off your lights
cause I'm off to switch off mine . . .
Dontcha 4get: Our next Earth date: April 22!

1 comment:

  1. We turned off the lights here too!
    I had a nice snuggly time with my mom!
    I know there is only one Super Dog!
    Kisses and hugs


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