Mark This Date: March 18

And yes, mark that drooly face too!
For that date is when the heavens crashed
and all of beings in Heaven
waited with mouth opened wide
and that includes my big dopey brother Bogart
. . . and with all ears, tails, furs and scales
held their breath for the momentous occasion . . .

. . . because on that drooly occasion
was that drooly face's 8th birthday!

And on that day
when our house Heaven
and all drooly beings in it
were sweating and drooling
in the festering heat
sat this SuperDog . . .
. . yeah . . . well . . .
. . . it was drooly hot
. . . and I was late . . . . again . .
what else is new . . .

. . . so now I am 8.
In hooman age, that would mean
you multiply that by 7
and you get . . .
Oh, forget it.
YOU GET OLD, understand people?

And so, I set the table . . .

. . . and my drooly friends arrived . . .

. . . and in seconds they were everywhere!
Hey, great party, Sweepy!
What's all that cool musik?
What are we having?

What party?
What music?
What you're hearing is Bogart's snoring!
And what are we having?
NADA. Drooly, pathetic NothingNess, is what!
All the bowls were empty!
The hoomans were all OUT!
On my birthday and they're all OUT!
What's with these people anyway!

But alas, ThePreacher . . .
he with the missing hand
called for a minute of silence
and prayed to all the gods
and voila!
. . . but alas, only doggy food!

Duh, I want doggy food. After all, I am a dog.

Yer right, Bogart.
You hear and smell food
and you're up in seconds!
But hey, I am a Dog too!
And I surely want doggy food too!
Preacher, you rock my bday world!!!

Yo Bogart!
How good is that chicken kibble?

Duh. Very good. Thank you, MrFrogsky.

Howdy Sweepy! I bet that chicken is as crunchy as it sounds!
Look, MrFrogsky
this thing is not good for you.
You'll get allergies, warts and all.
Mark my drool!
Why don't you go and tell ThePreacher
to order drooly french flies for you. . .

It was soooo good
and Bogart and I
licked our bowls clean . . .
. . . in seconds!

Happy Birthday Sweepy!
Awwww . . .
You guys are soooo sweet
I can lick and eat you all up!
Mark my drool!

We're out of here!
Thanks for a great party!
We'll see you soon!

Hey, thanks guys!
But whoa, woof! Wait!
Did you notice anything unusual
with my departing guests?
There he is!
Caught by the cheap CCTV!
MrFrogsky with doggy food in his drooly mouth!

Oh, but its for you, Sweepy!
I saved some for you!

Gee, thanks, MrFrogsky!
That tasted like sour, salty, drooly yech!
But thanks anyway!

Thank you also to Nam Nguyen of Dogster.
The coolest site for coolest dawgs.
Everydoggy is in there except me
because I have a super-slow-hooha-PC.
Nam gave me a Dogster award (see side bar- ->)
which is one of the best bday gifts I got!
Purr- - y Thanks Nam!!!

Thanks also to Vivi
who drooly sent this:
. . . my own SuperDog costume!
It was super awesome COOL!
Pawsome Thanks VIVI!

It is size 16
and I think I am size 20
(Popsy might be size 25 and Bogart size 50, hohum)
but don't worry because my drooly creative Keeper
will fix the costume in drooly time
so I can finally pose in my Super Best
on any drooly date!

As for Keeper, TheOtherKeeper,
and all drooly hoomans in Heaven:
You Can Not Treat Yourself On My Birthday
Without Including TheSuperDog
and all Beings in Heaven!


  1. OHHHHHH MY DOG! We missed your birthday Sweepy! We've been out of touch for too long, we miss you guys!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey, The Animal Doctor!
    Thank you for coming.
    Better late than never.
    But better never late.

    PeeEss: Dontcha worry 'cause I am also late and soooo out of paw touch. Sigh.

  3. Sweepy!
    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!
    I can see you had a nice celebration!
    Kisses and hugs


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