Pacman in Heaven

This is Rainbow Avenue:
Not a single soul in sight.
Not a single drooly dawgy
no cat-y either
no mouse-y
and no spiders.

Except this:

His name is Tiger.
His second name is not Woods.
His second name is Dog.
Tiger de dog

Oh I know it is the Year of the Tiger
but hey, you're a Dog
for barkingoutfreakinLOUD!

Tiger rules RainbowAvenue
for a full hour today
because every hooman
stayed glued to their TV
watching the Pacquiao boxing match.

All activities is ON HOLD
no Sunday masses
no Sunday brunches
except on my fave pizza store
that offers Pacquiao the Pacman
LIVE telecast from Texas.

I am not really into watching violent sports
except perhaps when I am the player.
I mean, you'd love to get violent
when you're playing with the black hounds.
They're dopey Big, dopey clumsy,
and just plain dopey. Period.


Oh, there goes another dopey Tiger.
You can't stand guard
in the middle of RainbowAvenue, Tiger!!!

But hey
Tiger's yaya (the hooman who walks with him)
has something for us . . .
What's that, lady?

We're not allowed to eat anything
from strangers . . . .

. . . or from any dopey hand . . .
. . . or from anybody outside the gates of Heaven!
Bogart, WATCH IT!
. . . ooopsy.
Too late.
If Keeper finds out, we're dead meat!

And this . . .
. . . is Pacman
de bread.

Pacman is way bigger than me!
I mean bigger than my own paw!
This mean thing wants a showdown
and if Pacman wants a match
I am all for it!

Got him on the first round!
Got him on the third too!
Got him in one big swallow!

Pacman gone in seconds!
That's it.
The fight is over.

Just checking if there are extra Pacmans. . .
And if there's none . . .
. . . oh go ahead
and have a match with the bag!

Ha, plastic gone in seconds too!

Duh, you're littering all over Heaven.

Oh, forget that Bogart!
I just won the match!

But duh, you're leaving trails
and Keeper will wonder where
you got the bread

And talk of the Keeper . . .
here she comes . . .
I didn't do it, Keeper!

I ain't fighting anybody.
I didn't take food from strangers.
I didn't litter the place.
And I didn't . . .

Hey, you're great!
You're both great!

Whatever it is
she said we're great.
Did you hear that, bigB?

Duh, she means from now on
you'll moderate all our blogs.
All comments and eMails will go to you.
And you can not join another group
unless you unlist from another.
Plus, you get to go online
only once-a-week.

Now that's great, Keeper.
Tell me something I don't know.
You're really something for bad news.
On my birthday week yet!
I'm out of here before another Tiger comes along . . .


  1. You twoo look soooo innocent in those picture. I will not tell keeper what I saw in the first pictures!
    Tiger (no Woods) de Dog! I like his name!
    Have a great week
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Sweep,

    I'm not into violet sports either but that is sure some cool Pacman bread! Bet is was yummy!



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