Today's Flowers . . .

. . . is Brooke!

Yeah, yeah, I know it's an orchid.
But you see, in our house named Heaven,
we call our flowers by a different name.
This one is named after the webmistress
of the DogsWithBlogs community
which we are part of for years!

My late big black brother Bogart loved this flower.
Bogart loved to wait and watch it bloom.
It blooms non-stop in our house Heaven.
When one 'Brooke' fades, another 'Brooke' shoots out
and the cycle goes on and on
which made Bogart happy.

And so this is the story of Brooke . . .
It is also the flower featured in TodaysFlowers
because they are featuring Keeper and Brooke!
Well, actually they invited Bogart
but Bogart died before he can send this
so Keeper sent it in his memory . . .

And so will I.
So again, in Bogart's memory,
let me present to you the story of our flower

I'm coming out
I want the world to know
got to let it show. . .

When Keeper holds it in her hands
Bogart would bark and I would bark as well!
It was fun to get excited!

And so the story goes . . .
. . . Brooke flows out . . .

. . . and woofy out . . .

. . . and down to where
another Brooke lies waiting!

Can you see it?

When Keeper held it in her hands, we barked.
Now can you see the other Brooke
meeting the new Brooke?

. . . well, almost.

. . . growing longer . . .

. . . until the Brooke above
almost kissed the Brooke below!

And Bogart kissed it for the last time.

Because on the day that Bogart died . . .

Brooke rejoiced and opened up!
But alas, the flower dog is gone!

And in time Brooke fades . . .

But another Brooke comes out . . .

But another big black dog sniffs with me
. . . my Popsy Sumo who is not into flowers.
And who is also not into me.

Oh, how I miss our big black drooly flower dog!
I hope that wherever Bogart is now
he will always find his flowers
or that his flowers will find him . . .

Bogart's flower friends can be found at TodaysFlowers.


  1. Those flowers are awesome, right?
    I hope you all are having a nice and relaxing weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. It is truly beautiful. A loving remembrance of Bogart too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I hope Bogart is in the garden of Eden with all the flowers he can handle.


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