Sunday Showers and Monday Cookies!

Hey, Popsy!
Wear your drool kerchief fast!

We're having Peanut Butter cookies
made by my hooman gurlfriend Happy
TheSecretary of TheAnimalDoctor!

You see, last Sunday,
Keeper met with other dog mommies
The mumsies of our doggyfriends
the Piappies, the GreenwoodsTeam,
and the mumsy of the late Charlie.
Without Me.

Well, they had an impromptu meeting recently
and last Sunday, Keeper told me Happy is hosting lunch.
I was all ready to go but I was not included!
But Keeper said Happy is baking cookies
and she will just bring home some.

Ah ok, that sounds fair to me.
If I can't go to lunch
the lunch can go to me.
Now that's poetic justice.

So here are the cookies that Happy baked for us:
Look, it is even shaped like bones!
Keeper, it smells really good!
Hurry up!

Whoa! That's one great-tasting cookie!
But wait!
I heard TheAnimalDoctor told Keeper
that dogs have no sense of TASTE!
That our appetite is stirred by smell.

DrGeoff, you're dead wrong.
I know my beef and ma chicken hooha.
I know my steaks and them mashed veggies.
My tastebuds are working fine
and I have excellent taste . . .
Watch this:

You can't tell those things to my OC keepers, DrG!
'Cause now I heard Keeper told TheOtherKeeper
that since dogs have no sense of taste
she might as well serve us mashed potatoes
or worse, mashed kamote (yams!)
masked with chicken or bacon flavor
to lure our sense of smell!

Popsy, please tell Keeper that it isn't so.
Popsy heard some fireworks.
And off he went to his house drooling.
Popsy got distracted by the sound
so Popsy will just have his cookies
in the safety of his house.
And Popsy Sumo's verdict?

Here, watch the video:

And watch my old man drool:
"Salamat, Happy!" (Thanks, Happy)
"Aba, mas masarap ka pa ata magluto
kesa kay Lui ah! Puede ka bang mahiram
pa-minsan-minsan? Hehe"
(Hey, you cook better than Lui!
Can I borrow you sometime? Haha!)

As for me
I am one happy drooly dawg:
Pawsome Thanks, Happy!
That was one awesome snacks!
And to think we're not exactly
"peanut-butter fans"
but then, who knows.

I'm sure we like it because
Happy baked them with love!
Keeper said Happy baked them
while them dog mummies were talking!
Ahhhh, that made me tear up.
Happy, you made me real happy!
Ok, DrGeoff can say what he wants
but I really tasted every delicious morsels
and I tasted and felt all the love
that you put in them cookies!

Now, if only Keeper can bake me
something equally woofy nom nom
I'll be eternally grateful!

But for now
I am content
to have Keeper HOME
between my Popsy and me . . .
. . . watching over us . . .
. . . telling us stories . . .
. . . of Scarlet and her wheelchair,
of Moymoy and Jappy
and other sweet-smelling furries
and a cute little playful boy named Miggy
in Greenwoods happy house.

when the dog mumsies
have their next meeting
it will be in our house Heaven
with Keeper cooking her disaster whatnots
and ma old ladies gabbing like mad!

And hopefully too,
Keeper will be home
when the next sudden rains
that came last Sunday while she was out
will come again and cool our blasting
37 degrees hot Heaven . . .

I want to see ma old lady dancing in the rain
. . . again!


  1. oh Sweepy im glad you enjoyed the cookies. you know i was distracted with rolling the dough and cutting away bone shaped goodies that i wasnt able to participate in the chika...hope there will be a next time soon and i get to meet you in person. yes popsy sumo can borrow me as cook sometimes hehehe

    - the Secretary

  2. Hi, Sweepy!
    Those cookies made by the Secretary sure were delicious!
    Of course we have sense of taste! If not... why I refuse to eaty letucce without dressing??
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Cookies cookies cookies - you are lucky!

    I hope we can be bloggy friends!


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