Today's Flowers . . .

. . . are Roses!

I am now taking over the task
of watching the flowers in our house Heaven
ever since my big brother Bogart died.
So now I am . . .
Heaven's Flower Dawg!
(What horror! Woof, I mean, what an honor)

And if you are the type
who hate dogs who bark out loud
and maintain popular blogs . . .
(I woofy heard there are humans who hate bloggy doggy)
. . . then you can end your reading
about my drooly flowers
after this woofy paragraph
because I tend to bark a lot.
More drooly flowers to sniff and gawk at TodaysFlowers.

Part 2
Rated G: Good only for Goofy Readers
especially dog-lovers and lovely dogs

So okay, to continue with my tale . . .

I woke up and found this:
I am not used to this
simply because I am not a flower dog.
I am a bone dog.
I am also chicken dog,
a bacon and cheese dog,
a slurpy ice cream dog,
a . . .
you get the drift.
But since Bogart died
Keeper assigned me
to do the flower dog Bogart's task
which was:
"Keep Watch Over the Flowers"

I have no idea why we have to watch it.

. . . since it is not exactly edible. . .
(well, not exactly my taste)
and WATCH THOSE . . .
. . . THORNS, Popsy!
Too late.

There's nothing to smell, Popsy.
Not unless you want that vintage scent
that Grannies and old people wear . . .

On second thoughts
I told Keeper that maybe Popsy
should watch the flowers instead . . .
Popsy looked purr-fect.
Beauty and the Beast.
Black and Red.
Yin and Yang.
Hoo and Ha.
. . . oh, you get the drift.
Popsy will keep watch until Keeper arrives
and gives him a pat on the head
where Popsy will feel and act
like The King of Roses . .

Meanwhile this SuperDog
who kept watch will look like some lazy bum
who can't be depended to watch flowers!
There goes my SuperDog title!

since today is Drawing Day:

. . . and I am a Drawing Dog
here is my drooly flower drawing:
. . . to add to the million drawings today!

These red and pink roses were taken by my humans
from the party of their Aunt Nena.
In short, my hoomans snitched flowers
from the party of a woman who just turned 80!
And here are the culprits:
TheOtherKeeperLuchie and KeeperLui surround Aunt Nena
and try to look sheepishly innocent! Watch those flower-snatchers!!!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Nena!

Woof! Your nieces did not bring me any food!!!
And since you still look gorgeous like a rose at 80
I dedicate my drooly flower story just for you!


  1. Lovley flowers and a funny post. Love the captions and the cute dogs.

  2. I could tell dogie loves the roses. Happy Sunday!

    My Flowers

  3. Hi, Sweepy!
    Watching the flowers is not an easy job!
    You and Popsy are doing it great!
    Happy Birthday, Aunt Nena!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Ho and ha, indeed! what a fun visit to your flower watchers.
    Happy birthday to Aunt Nena too :O)

  5. Oh Sweep! I am so sorry to hear that Bogart left for the Bridge in his sleep. My mom has not been in the mood for blogging since our Ziggy died and so we missed the news of Bogart's passing. I am sorry we weren't here to let you know we're thinking of you but now that we know, we are. We have our new boy, Sonny, but in a way it makes us miss Ziggy even more. Mom says Ziggy was a once in a lifetime dawg! Sonny has already made himself part of the family and we love him. I hope your family is ok.



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