Ooopsy, Popsy sent me his Visitor . . .

Okay, this is Quark.
He was sent by Popsy Sumo.

That other dude behind him is also Quark.
Well, I'm not surprised.
After all, our lizards are all named Troy.

Quark, and all the Quarks,
are part of a major firm called
Quark Inc.
Hmmm, I should check if they are listed.
Maybe, I can invest in a quack deal.

Anyway, Quark wants to translate Popsy Sumo's blog.
As you know, Popsy prefers to blog in Pilipino.
My late brother Bogart used to translate for Popsy.
When Bogart is not available . . .
yeah, well, sometimes, Bogart goes on leave,
and Popsy had to invite guest translators,
but not when MrLeach is around.
MrLeach loves to sneak in Popsy's blog
and translate in text lingo
until Popsy decides to translate himself!
What horror! What fun!

MrLeach is a leech, in case you don't know.
And now here comes Quark.
Quark sounds interesting.
His competencies can put to shame
all the desperate candidates
trooping the line to President-elect Noynoy!
To be honest, I was hired myself.
But you see, nobody hires this SuperDog.
For I, de SuperDog, is here
to serve the world.
Or anything that has yummy treats in it.

Anydawg . . .

As I barked earlier,
Quark's bio is pretty impressive . . .
Quark can translate anything.
Quark can do Pinoyspeak, Pilipino, English,
a bit of French, Spanish, and jejemon-speak
and text lingo or MrLeach language.
Whatever . . .

Quark can also translate looks!
Exactly like my late big bro!
Quark can translate what you want to say (Quack!)
and what your eyes and silent stares mean! Quack!
In short, you don't even have to say a single word
because Quark can say it for you!
Quack, Quack!

Quark can also watch houses . . .
Well he said so.

He said he can do surveillance work too
and squeal on yayas and maids who sleep
or yak all day and leave their ward alone!

Quark can also survey the house . . .
. . . and know what is needed.
Floor needs polishing or dusting,
or the telephone is off the hook,
or tell visitors the hoomans and dawgs are out . . .
In short, Quark is a tell-all!

And now he tells me
that when the ducks are out
there is a turtle available . . .
. . . who is a bonafide member of Quark Inc.
but who goes on sabbatical always!
At least, it's good to know
you have alternates all the time!

Quark can snoop around . . .
and translate anything immediately . . .
You name it: gossip, bad news, and pee mails.

There is one thing that Quark Inc.
will not accept:
Kids who run around
and kids who run after ducks!
I agree.

And to make his competencies known
Quark translated me and Popsy:
"Popsy Sumo said he's the Alpha AT ALL TIMES.
Sweepy said he doesn't care."

What baloney quack!
What doggone good quack!
I think we should get Quark Inc.

What do you think?

Do you agree that we should hire Quark?

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Hire him!
    I hope you all are doing well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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