Ooopsy, now here comes . . .


Oh, I knew he will slide on by.
Oh, I knew that sleazy dude
will drop by, er, slide his way in
after the Quarks in my last post. . .

There is something about competitors
who will not stop at anything
to get ahead of each other.

So, there goes MrLeach . . .
. . . sneaking his way to Popsy Sumo's house!
Sneaking fast (well, he's trying!) to get the scoop
before any unsuspecting ducks tattle before him!

I can see him sneaking his way in Heaven . .
. . . even from my SuperDog perch
high up on the marbled table!
And when Popsy Sumo barks an order
I knew I have another odd job
and that is:
to watch the leech!
Oh, mamamiasisboomba!
What fate!

Oh, I know
it is not easy being a SuperDog.
But I also know
it is also not easy being a translator leech . . .
. . . who moves sooooo slooooooow
and has a to-die-for reputation
not to mention, a to-kill-for humor
and death-defying jejemon speech
the kind that proliferates on your cellphone
and lately on term papers and essays
of kids and young adults
pretending to know language.

Oh-oh, here comes Keeper!

And when MrLeach hears that
he hibernates somewhere
and does this:
Don't think you are the only one who can do yoga.
Leeches and I'm sure ducks does yoga too.
They do it to ward off stress
and ward off noisy keepers.

Hey, MrLeach?
Are you okay?
You've been "dead" for hours!
When are you going to warm up and live again?

Ah, thank Heavens!
He's back!
And off he slithers . . .
counting his breathing . . .
inhale, exhale, inhale . . .
down he goes . . .
. . . and further down . . .
. . . and finally, back to earth!
MrLeach to earth, at last! Alas!

It ain't easy working your butt off
and enjoying the perks of the job . .
. . . like sleeping on leaves . . .
and sucking on unsuspecting hoohas . . .

"Hey, something bit me!"

. . . woohoo, swp!
jez a joke.
jez a smoochie.
ya luk cutey
n smell lyk a bebe!

What a creep!
What a freak!
Now you know why we freak out on leeches!

And this one
is one of Popsy's
alternate English translators!
And my job is to watch over them!

And there goes MrLeach. . .
. . . finding his way in . . .
. . . finding Popsy Sumo
. . . laughing his way to our stories in Heaven
. . . and possibly
. . . laughing at us!

o wat a byutiful mornin!
wat a g8t day!
n heaven s lazee
wid snorin dogey
n naggin luwee . . .

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    MrLeach sure is adventurous!
    I can't believe he plays dead for a long time!
    I hope you all had a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs


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