. . . de Gift

Pinot sent this.
Pinot said if I have this cat
I will not have to chase other cats.
Pinot said I should take care of it.
Pinot said it also reminded him
of my Pink Cat Tale.

Thank you Pinot!
I don't really chase cats
except when they call me
and they make goo-goo eyes
and pee on my face!

Now, I show this cat to Popsy
and Popsy growled.
But don't worry, Pinot.
Popsy is just not into toys.
Popsy is naturally grumpy.
But Keeper loves it so much
she is keeping it for herself!

And now,
here's Cats
de musical . . .

Meow, meow,
meow-mories . . .
all alone in the moonlight . . .

. . . now, that's Grizabella.
Well, de Grizabella of RainbowAve.
De GreaseAbelat who loves to take naps
on Heaven's roof and trees!
She goes around peeking at Heaven
and calls us like we ought to chase her or what!

But talk of the musical Cat
here's a version sent by Caitlin
that adorable four-year old girl
who saw the musical live:

Macavity by Caitlin

The cavity,
the cavity,

nobody wants the cavity

and that means nobody wants Sweepy

because Sweepy has a lot of cavities!

Well, she's 4 yo.
I ain't chasing any 4yo!
But well, 4yo are darn honest
and this one is right!
Ok, thank you for that song, Caitlin!
Are you sure your name is not Cat?

And this is GooGoo's gift:
Nope, this is not a cat.
It is a mini Bogart.
Goo said KeeperLui told her
how we miss Bogart
and how we still cry over him.
These are my old pictures of my big brother.

So now I have Cat and a Bogart!
They will keep me company
on days when I get restless
and Keeper is not home
and the stray cats and whatever
are calling me for play . . .

And now
Cat, the tiger?
The gift from my hooman gurfriend
Stef, Jill and Kate. . .
Cat said she likes my paws.
Cat said they smell of dead toenails,
of dirt, dust, and drool.
These are the favorite scents of animals.

Cat said she love the smell of my face.
Cat said it remind her of stale fur.
Oh how I love to snuggle
in my Superdog's fur
all hairy and warm
grumpy and snore-y!
Open yer eyes, ma Sweepy
and gimme a big drooly kiss-y!

Well, I should warn, furries.
It is now August.
The Oh-Ghost month.
The month of annual shots.
Of flying thingamajigs.
Of cats, singing tigers,
and sad memories
of something big, black
and my furever ghost . . .

. . . hmmm, I think I'll go sleep with my Popsy . . .
and include this post to the growing



  1. Hi, Sweepy!
    That cat is cute!
    I like to play with kitties... but they don't!
    Good luck at the Vet!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Lots of toys. Looks like everyone has one. hehe
    Hope all goes well at the vet..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie


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