Pinoy Dog Bloggers Meet-Up!

De Date: July 25
De Place: BonifacioGlobalCity

And here's Maximilian:
Maxie, for short.
Maxie-Doodle for long.
And Maximilian if you want it longer.
There are more but I'm done with names.

Maxie is the early bird, er, dawg.

"Hey, but where are the Piappies, the GreenwoodsPack and the HoundsInHeaven pack, Mom?"
"Hmmm, I think they are late. Maybe, we better go and shop for treats first . . ."

And now here are the Piappies!
Well, part of the Piappies pack.
They are Princess and Fudgie's puppies, er, piappies.
They are WiFi and WiMax, er,
Wai-Pai and Wai-Max
wii, er, Wai-pups!

"Ok, where's everydoggy, Mom?"

"Hey, Mom, I think I saw Sweepy and Sumo back there!"

Wai-Piappies Mom:
"Nope, that's not Sweepy and Sumo! They are suspended. They can not go out. But Keeper is joining us. But here's Maxie!"
Hey, look again, Piappies Mom!
That's me and Popsy on the right!
Look, can you see?
Er, hello?
I'm soooo out of the scene!

"But where are the GreenWoodsPack?
I want to see Scarlett, Trudis, the Secretary . . ."

"Hi, everyfurry! I'm here! TheAnimalDoctor will be here soon. The GreenWoods team are staying home because it might rain and besides, we can't bring everydoggy!"

Left to Right: TheSecretary carrying Wai-Pai, Maxie and Mom, Wai-Max and Mom.

"Look, Mom, is that Bogart?"
"Mommy, wheeeee! I am seeing a Ghost!"

"Hello, everyfurry and Moms! I'm here! And whoa! That's not Bogart! His handler says his name is Bogie, the K9 watchdog here. Bogart is now at the RainbowBridge with Charlie and Koko remember? Besides, Bogart was twice Bogie's size!
Oh, seeing Bogie made me remember Bogart!
Oh, how I miss Bogart! (sniff! sniff!)

We better go have something to eat
before I cry buckets here!"

"Ok, I order a bowl of pasta, Mom!
Make mine loaded with bacon and topped with Kong!"

"Wow, that sounds super, Maxie!"
"Ok, make mine double scoop of vanilla melt topped with bacon bits and cheese!"
"Oh, the sound alone makes me drool! Hurry up, Waiter!"

"Of course, we can order double for both us!
"One price for two. We occupy one seat anyway! Wheeee!"
"Hey, why are the hoomans eating?
Where's our food?"

Well, the hoomans brought enough dog food to last a week!
There was enough dog treats even for ALL the other dogs in the mall!
Look, Wai-Max had to clean Wai-Pai every hour!

And before long
it was time to say bye-bye.
"When is the next meet-up, Maxie?"
"I think maybe next month?"
"I want it next week with all the old dawgs!"

Ouchy, Wai-Max!
Watch what you say, pup!
I ain't old. I am just older.
Oh okay, I am 8 old years!

And that ends a major Dog Event.
Another MAJOR event
and this MAJOR dog was not included.

I was home waiting for Keeper
and counting all the wormsies, birdies
and all swooping, noisy whatnots
flying and passing by Heaven
which we were NOT ALLOWED to bite!
But really now, have you seen me and Popsy in the picture?

I want to thank . . .
my gurlfriend Happy, the Secretary
who sent me doggy treats to soothe my drool.
Hey Happy, that's not rains you saw last Sunday!
Those were my drooly tears
and it flooded Manila!

thanks Pinot, GooGooEyes,
and SpinAWings
for their gifts
which I will post
when Blogger won't give me a hard time.
This took two days and two hours to make.
Believe my drool.

And lastly,
please forward your eMails to Keeper
directly to HER studio instead of mine.
I had to respond to 10 mails just for her!
And she won't pay me for it!

Till next year
er, next month,
I'm off to chase moths.


  1. Great documentation Keeper Lui! I had a good time last Sunday.


  2. Sure it was pawesome to see all of them there!
    But... but... it was not funny you and Sumo were not meeting them!
    Hmmm.... there is always a next time, right?
    Kisses and hugs


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