I believe I can fly . . .

I believe I can touch the sky!

And for the past weeks
I visited all furries with stories that fill my Inbox!
Max, a chocolate Labrador in Pennsylvania, who was left in the car for an hour after his keeper unloaded the groceries and forgot about him, decided to honk the car until his keeper found him in the car's driver's seat with heat exhaustion and rushed him to the vet just in time! Bravo Max! Learn to sound alarm bells for our forgetful keepers, furries!

Louis Vuitton, the pit bull who was beaten with a shovel, doused with a lighter and set on fire, by his 20-year-old keeper who got angry when denied permission to use the family car, has survived and now adopted by William and Dee Hartley of Alabama who nursed Louis in his ordeal! The young man who vented his ire on poor Louis plead guilty and sentenced to 9 years and 6 months in prison which is a victory for all voiceless furries! Pawsome thanks to the Hartleys!!! May you have more loving days with LV!

Rex, who was tied to the fridge by his keeper's girlfriend, found justice when the girlfriend was sentenced to 30 days jail time! Not much but enough to give that woman a lesson that you should not abused animals that way!!! Better yet, tell your keepers not to get involved with people who does not like animals!

Remember Buddy, the German Shepherd dog, who was dragged to death in a truck last December was stolen from the back of Sacha and Joe Leber's pickup by a woman who thinks Buddy killed her cat! That woman is now charged as an accessory and her case is pending in court. Her brother who drove Buddy to death was sentenced to the maximum of 3 years in federal prison for aggravated animal cruelty! Oh, Buddy, may you rest in peace!

And oh Bella! Bella, the pitbull who was accused of attacking a singer last May was released after a veterinarian testified that a mold of Bella's teeth did not match the singer's bite marks! Bella was returned to her owner Ben who was charged $100 fee and must build a proper fence around his house to prevent Bella from wandering out! More than 2,000 people supported Bella's fight where the court proclaimed "If the bite doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

And Bruce, a terrier, was finally released after 3 years when he was seized under UK's 1991 Dangerous Dog Act which gives authority to kill any dog that resembles a pit bull even if the dog did not commit any acts of aggression towards anybody! Paws up to Bruce and paws down to UK's Dangerous Dog Act!

Taz and a 6-month puppy was left by their owners inside a foreclosed home in Los Angeles. A neighbor named Elisa called for help and the LA Animal services responded and shoved food and water through an open windows in the house. However, Hans of the LA Animal Rescue Org felt the urgency and went inside the house to rescue the dogs and Hans was arrested by the LA Police for interfering with their Animal Services! The authorities think the owners might arrive and sue the city if they trespass to save the dogs! And I bark, after 24 hours, storm the house and rescue the abandoned dogs, Officer!

Lola, a year-old rescued tabby cat, wandered out of their home and was grabbed by a passersby who threw Lola into a nearby garbage can and shut the lid! Lola's keepers Daryl and Stephanie found Lola after 15 hours of trying to locate her! When they checked their CCTV, they discovered the cruel deed and posted the video to social media websites to help identify the cruel stranger. Thousands responded until Lola's abuser was found! However, the police can not arrest the woman because it was not considered a crime to toss a cat into a dumpster! But that is clearly "ANIMAL CRUELTY" and there must be a law against it! You better watch where you are going furries and don't wander too far from home without your hoomans!

Paws down to the 2012 Mercedes CLS whose leather interior was created using four animals! Furries, tell your keepers NOT TO BUY that car!

Paws up to the short documentary of Farm Sanctuary titled Life Behind Bars narrated by Mary Tyler Moore which describes the life cycle of farm factory animals! An eye opener!

Paws up to Italian Ferruccio Pilenga who trained his dog Mas to do water rescue which inspired the creation of Scoula Italiano Cani Salvataggio (Italian Shool of Water Rescue Dogs) or SICS! SICS are certified water dogs who can leap fearlessly from hovering helicopters and speeding boats to do rescue and help Italy's lifeguards! SICS dogs do not live in kennels but live with their human handlers as part of a family!

Paws up to Tamira Ci Thayne founder of Dogs Deserve Better (DDB), an animal advocacy organization dedicated to helping dogs forced to live life at the end of a chain now has chapters all over the USA! Support Anti-Tethering Laws! In Manila, Keeper got into a lot of trouble calling the attention of people and pet owners who tether their pets without proper food and water and care!

Paws up to Spanish lawmakers who voted 68 to 55 to ban bullfighting as a sport in the region of Catalonia, making it the first ban in mainland Spain known to regard bullfighting as centuries old tradition and part of their cultural heritage! Keeper signed the petition which is not an attack against Spain but an indication that people and cultures has a more dignified and respectful society that believes in eliminating torture and suffering of animals! I vote against cockfighting, dog-fighting, and boxing as a sports too!

August 24 marked the 44th anniversary of the Animal Welfare Act in the USA.
In the Philippines, it is less than 5 years and there is so much to be done!
In the sky, I saw my loved ones:
and for them I will continue to don my SuperDog badge!
So much work to be done!
I am still waiting for the Anti-Rabies program from the Mayors office.
And before the year ends, another animal welfare program for my village!
Cross my paws!
I have to hurry home!
Popsy is calling me back!

Back in Heaven, I offer our prayers . ..
. . . to all my furry friends
. . . to all writing me and praying for good health!

. . . to all of you
I pray for your good health too!
For your keepers love and good health too!
For more huggy loving nights
and days spent with your loved ones!!!

. . . whether with wings or not
you can fly too!

And I end by sharing with you how an animal would feel when you rescue him. A poor dog caught his foot in a fence and a Missouri Officer Nick Shepherd came to his aide. Watch it HERE which is a great surprise for all animal lovers!


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