When You See This . . .

. . . you duck for cover!
You run to your house
hide under the pillows
and wait for the thunder
and all those fireworks
and possibly Popsy Sumo
running and hiding with you!
Yikes! Popsy?


You bravely go back
and watch the skies again
just to confirm
that what you saw were clouds
and not two ghosts fighting?
Did I imagine it?

So when it rains
Heaven gets slippery.
Watch it!

And when it rains
there's MrFrogsky.
But whoa wait!
MrFrogsky has not visited
since Bogart died.
I wonder if perhaps Frogsky went with BigB?

But wait a minute.
Snake In Heaven!!!!

Popsy Sumo:
"Ano ka ba? Uod lang yan!"
(What's with you? That's just a worm!)

Holy Yikes!

Now, watch Uod meet Wormsy:
When this happens
MrWormsy goes ballistic.
MrWormsy curls in self defense.
MrWormsy tweets for help.
And AnotherWormsy responded.
And that's how it goes in WormLand.
Of course
they go their separate ways. . .
Worms of the same length
do not always go together.
Now don't say I didn't warn you.

. . . and woof, they do grumble too.
Watch it!

But really now.
Who wants to watch these wigglies
when there are so many things going out there!

For one thing
I missed out on Twinkie's
Now if that's not showy enough
I don't know what is.
But I'm late.
As always.

I missed out on
The Curious Tree hooha
and if our tree is not curious-looking
I don't know what is.
But again, I'm late.

I'm also late for
The Singing Glee Dog too:
". . . drooly stars and skies are falling all over . . ."

The Day and Night Pawtrait

I am woofy sorry for not updating peeps and furries.
You see, I was over at Keeper for weeks
snooping on her stories (mostly about me)
and commenting on her friends hooha.
Pssst, I think I'm still suspended from barking.
I wonder why they don't allow dogs
or any animals to say their piece?

in case you missed this in your inbox:

Vicks, the sports hero, is free now.
He is that guy who kept dogs
for purposes of making them fight!
I voted to keep him in prison
but they allowed him out!

David Tant is on parole too!
Tant plead guilty to 41 charges of illegal dog fighting!
He received a sentence of 40 years
and we barked against reducing this to 10 years
for good behavior or even for parole!

Dolly, a pitbull was adopted in June 2009
but in March 2010 she walked back into the shelter
in bad shape because the person who adopted her
used her as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring!
Dolly survived and is now part of a family!
She is AKC certified as a Canine Good Citizen
and is an ambassador (ambassadog) for her breed!

The research lab in North Carolina
that uses animals and mistreat them
is now CLOSED.
All 200 dogs and cats were rescued
and treated for severe chemical burns (paws!)
and for parasites and infections!

And here's a great hero story:
Pinky the pitbull saved 9 year old Richie.
Richie was attacked by bees in his yard
and Pinky came and distracted the bees
and got stung 40 times and rushed to the vet!
Richie's blood clots quickly and if not for Pinky
Richie would be in a bad situation.
Both Richie and Pinky are OK now.
Watch their video HERE.

Take the Guardian Pledge, hoomans.
Instead of "pet owner"
call yourselves now as "Pet Guardians"
Now where is my Guardian?
It is time for some belly rub.

More UpLates:

October 1 is the official Army of Women
Blog for your Breasts Day!
Yeah, well, I ain't no female
but Keeper insisted I include this news too.
So tell your hoomans, furries
to go HERE and be part of cancer research!
Keeper said that MEN can get breast cancer too!
Yikes! Can MALE dogs get one too, Keeper?
TheOtherKeeper Luchie said my breasts,
er, chests are fine. Thank you.

October 2 is World Animal Day!
I am going to church and be blessed.
That is also the day where the Mayor
is giving free anti-rabies shots
in my place!

October is also Museums & Galleries month.
Go and drool at some artworks, furries.
I am designing the Senior Citizens hooha.
I think I should ask Keeper to organize
a SeniorDogtizen program too!

Also, if you are in Makati, Philippines
please visit some of my hooman gurlfriends
Maxine and Michelline's ongoing exhibitions at:
Firma Greenbelt 3 and ThePicasso in Salcedo Village.

Okay that's it.
It takes so long for me to post and bark
which is why when I have the chance
I try to post everything.
Next week, I promise to do
The One-week-Photo-Meme.

Now, if you'll excuse me
I need my 'Guardian' . . .
. . . for some hugs!!!!

Have a great woofy week, furries!

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