My World Animal Day . . .

World Animal Day in Heaven . . .

And there I was.
Sleeping like a baby.
Er, make that:
'sleeping like a puppy' . . .

Well, I was having a good nap.
I mean, I just had breakfast,
had my furs brushed,
peed and pooed all over Heaven,
and finally had my face and body
toweled clean and feeling fresh
and so yes, I'm sleepy
and ready for my morning nap. . .

When suddenly,
Keeper rushed back to my house
and in her shrill panicky voice announced
that I am going to church with her!

But I thought you're going to church ALONE?!
I thought you're going to take pictures
of the blessing of all furries
and their free anti-rabies shots ALONE?!!

But Keeper went ballistic.
Plans changed at the last minute.
TheOtherKeeper Luchie demanded to know why
Keeper is going to all these hooha WITHOUT US!

Keeper's Excuses:
Er, make that,
her reasons for not bringing Popsy and me with her:

1. She can not bring two dogs ALONE.
2. She was not prepared to bring us.

What Keeper meant was she needs to prepare for it.
To bring Popsy Sumo and me outside is
a MAJOR Project.
Keeper has to prepare the stuff to bring:
our water bottles, towels, drool kerchief,
some kibbles in case I get hungry,
my pillow in case I need a nap,
one of my toys in case I get bored,
or one of my books
in case I get bored playing with the toy I brought,
and more importantly,
all of Keeper's credit cards and cash
(just for emergency ;-O)

Also, if we're going to have our shots
Keeper should have given us a bath the day before.
You can not take a bath for a week after your shots!

In short,
Keeper decided it is too much of a hassle to do all that
and since she wanted to watch the event
she decided to just go ALONE
and give us a bath when she returns.

But TheOtherKeeper Luchie won't hear of it.
Luchie decided to skip work
so if Keeper needs help
Luchie will provide it!
And that means hauling me out of bed
strapped me in my red harness
and whisked me off to the waiting trike
for a short ride to church!!!

But Popsy Sumo was left behind.
The two old ladies can not carry two old dogs
so they planned to bring Popsy Sumo
AFTER I'm done.

And this is the church:

The World Animal Day is celebrated every October 4
which is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi
the patron saint of animals and the environment.
So where is St. Francis?
Nope, that's St. Jude.

Nope, that's Twin Hearts
of Mary and Jesus.

There are NO St. Francis image.
And since we're late for the mass
and the blessings of all animals
the Priest left too!

So we decided to just register
for the free anti-rabies shots
which we asked our local leaders to provide.

And when we got out of the church
we saw furries in different colors and sizes!
Oh, but I hate crowd!
But we have no choice.
The vet and crew has not arrived
and we have to wait for our shots!

Keeper made friends with everyone.
She went around asking every animal's name
asking permission to hold them
and got all their stories . . .

This one is Butchoy:
Butchoy hates the crowd
and to prove his point
he peed on the church's door!
And yeah, that's me with Luchie behind Butchdog.
trying to stay at a safe distance.
Boy, you'll never know what these furries are up to!

And these are
Blacky and Browny:
They hate the crowd too.
I bet they were snatched from their naps too!
Blacky eyed Keeper and growled:

You can't ask me questions, Lady!
You can't touch my fur!

You can't and must not
have anything to do with me.


But Keeper just laughed it off
which made Blacky growled some more
and to prove her irritation
Blacky escaped from her leash
and her yaya's hold
and dashed out of the church!!!
Luchie held Browny
while the yaya ran after Blacky!

Keeper, I told you!
You can't mess around with these furries.
You're lucky she didn't bite your apron off!
Yeah, Keeper is wearing her apron!

But nobody can stop Keeper.
She went around befriending everydoggy,
everycatty, and everybody.
Woof, she even talked to the trees!

When the vet and crew arrives
the registration began.
I am Animal No. 89 on the list.
That will be about November 2010 if we're lucky, Keeper!

But Keeper just laughed.
Oh, don't be silly!
It won't be that long.
Why don't you go and socialize with the other dogs while waiting?

No way, Keeper!
I ain't messing around with strangers.
I want to be blessed.
I want some ice cream!
I want to go home!

Keeper left and looked for the priest.

I think I hear my name.

Oh, I think they're calling me.
Hey, Doc Lady, that's not me!
I'm here by the church door!

And there goes Luchie smiling like there's no tomorrow!
She can't hear the vet calling.
I bet she can't hear anything from where we are!

And when Keeper arrives with the Priest,
who looked like he was awakened from his morning nap,
wearing his pajamas and slippers,
Keeper hauled me and Luchie for blessing!
But then Keeper's camera conked out
The batteries are dead.
I feel dead.
Life is one long boring death.

Of course, I had my shot.
If Keeper can awaken the Priest
she can summon ANY vet to give me my shot!

But when we got home
the two old lady keepers
has no energy to bring Popsy anymore!
What a waste!

I don't think Popsy was happy to hear that!

And I can't have my bath this week.
And I won't be able to splash water around.
I think I have to go back to my nap . . .

SupahDawg UpLate:
And it is now the BER months.
I am soooo LATE!
It is exactly 79 days to go before Christmas
and I have yet to design my CARDS!!!
But before I go
here's a nice story for you . . .

Lorenzo, the parrot (and not Lorenza the dog) was arrested in Colombia as part of a drug cartel raid. They believe Lorenzo's role was to alert his keeper when the police are coming so they can escape. But Lorenzo was a tad too late! The authorities said that Lorenzo may have to spend the rest of his life behind bars! But that's not a punishment! Lorenzo has been living behind bars all his life!


  1. Sweepy!
    You had an interesting day!
    They don't do blessings for animals here.... hmmmm....
    I read about Lorenzo. You are right. That is not punishment!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Thanks Sweepy. Will look out for Mumsy Pica and brother Bogart ;-)


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