My One Week Meme . . .

Alright, alright,
I know, I know . . .
I am so not in
and I'm so totally OUT
. . . of touch
so to make up for it
here's my one-week samba!

Er, I think that's PNoy's theme.
I am so off and out
that I think I'm losing steam . . .
my woof-pologies, furries!
Seriously now.
Here's . . .

One Week Meme
Note: Good until November

Blue Monday
The real excuse I'm out. Zzzzzzzzzz . . .

Meow, er . . .
Mellow Yellow Moonday!
Hmmm, I wonder what all these color week is all about but . . . zzZzzzzz . . . snort! . . . zzz

Ruby Tuesday
Hey Mary! Can you tell that I just woke up from . . .
a nap? Nyahaha!

Tuesdays Cats
I can not show the real one in case somebody gets violent and it gets bloody and it becomes Ruby twos-day and turbulentday and Gattina will ban me and Puddy will get crazy and EJ will faint from laughing. And so I'm going to play it tame and show my loveable Pink cat. Hey, I wanted to name and dedicate this toy cat for Caitlin, Chiara and Isa who all loves pink . . .

Wordless (and Woofless) Wednesday
This is also purr-fect for
Mary's Doors and Windows
every Wednesday.
Hey, peeps! Anybody home?
Somefurry is quite hungry here!
Hello? Knock-knock?

And when it is Wednesday
it is also purrfect for . . .
The middle of the week is perfect for introspection.
Like you look at your watch
and you realize that time has pass you by
that it is already November
and your Facebook buddies are tweeting you like crazy
and your eMails are too full
that you refused to open further
and there is danger that cyberspace
will BAN you and your paw
like you never existed.
Exactly the way it happened on your other-other blog!
Oh, this nightmare is so real!

As Keeper would say/sing:
"where does the time go? does anybody know?"

Time went to the weekly meme, Keeper.
In case you didn't know.

Now where was I?

Now this is my Sepia Scene for Mary on Thursday!
I think Mary has a meme for the whole week
so if you camp out at her site
you'll have all the memes you need
for the whole week. And possibly the whole year!
People practically had cramps
just camping at Mary's door.

The sepia shot above illustrates that I work
and how I assist Keeper when she works.
I provide the perfect model for Keeper's sculpture.

And if it's Thursday
it is time for Self-Sagacity's
Two Questions Thursday!
And here's my two Qs:
(1) What kind of pets do you love?
(2) Will you adopt somebody like me?
(3) If yes, where are you staying
and please check if they need visas
for dogs like me to go to your country?
(4) If no, are you an animal hater?
(5) If unsure, are you an alien?
Alright, I know, I know.
Self Sagacity wants only two Qs but I can't help myself!
Btw, hullo Krislin!!!!

And watch it!
if it's Fryday
it is time for Dragonstar's
Hmmm, I may not be black as the black hounds
but surely I look good in B&W!
Surely you'll agree, Dragonstar?

And on Sat-your-day
it is Maia's
My paws definitely look better than our orchids
so ignore that flowery thing altogether!
This shot is also perfect for Lisa's MACROmonday!
Wait, I'm getting confused already.
Dragonstar will not like it when you lump
all your photographs together like so
and now you know why!

Okay, I'm winding down to
where it is time for another flower shot
for Luis, Denise, Pupo and Sandy's
Buenos tardes, mi amigos and amigas.
Sweepy is so tardes, por pabor.
Excuse my limited Spanish, Luiz.
I have not taken tutorial with Lorenza yet.
I'm, well, tardes. MamaMia!

And Sunday is also
Harriet's shadows
Now this shot is also perfect for Wordless Wednesday.
Or Clueless Thursday. And aha-what week.
And everyweek that you find yourself
wondering why you're doing all these
in the first place!

And if it's Sunday
it is time for Murrieta's SOOC
or Straight Out Of Camera day.
You put the cam on auto-shoot
and voila!
Hey, who put that thing in there?!??
Geez, you can't trust this techie thing to work
at a crucial time when you needed it to!
If I get banned because of this
it is Keeper's hand-me-down camera's fault.
Not mine. Never my fault!

And since it is almost November
and almost the day for hunting loonies
parading down RainbowAvenue
demanding candies or treats
and threatening tricks like . . .
You're scaring the kids, Keeper!!!
You're scaring the cats!!!
Get back, Keeper!!!
You're looking like a loonytoon
harassing all of RainbowAvenue
including Halloween day itself!!!

Woof? What? Did you say anything, Joyce and Piper?
I wanted to send something
for Birgitta's MACROmonochrome
but nobody is willing to take another shot
of my safe, ho-hum world. . .

Now because it is Halloween
look at this:
Our most recent portrait!
Perfect for anyone who wanted to come up
with a new meme called:
The Wonderful Furmily.
It only accepts post from me.
SO don't bother sending any.

And since I'm a critter
I share my special portrait
for Misty Dawn's CameraCritters:
Happy Samhain, furries and peeps!
May you all visit your dead.
And may your dead visit you back!


  1. Oh Sweepy, you sure had a busy, busy week! And you enjoyed yourself too! :)

  2. Sure you have been busy, Sweepy!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi Sweepy! I'm so in awe of your cleverness! How do you manage it all?! And I just adore your red costume in the last pic!
    What a great blog you have too-will be back again soon!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday,
    btw Here’s my quick RT link!

  4. That was impressive Sweepy! A belated Happy Samhain to you. Sorry you only found bats - go to my post to meet me Sweetpea!

  5. Hi Sweepy!

    Totally agree with you that best time to nap is after a lovely meal followed by a juicy bone to gnaw! A nice long paws for thoughts and dreams. Those humans who say it's wrong are quite simply barking up the wrong tree...!

    We canines are so much more clever than those humans who think they're the boss...!

    Feel a snooze coming on now so bye for now!


    XOXO Lola;)

  6. Oh my dear!! What a work you have done here Lui and Sweepy!
    Hi Sweepy, I fancy all your photos here and I think you are a great dog.. Is there a place besides you under the blanket in the bed (the blue monday)?? I might come and lie down besides you, if you let me.. and if you are kind to cats..
    Miauuuu!! Hugs and a kiss from Pusa.. :)
    Hello and hugs from Viola as well.. ;)

  7. Well..... I guess Lui helped you a bit here..? with the lovely photos, I mean.. ;) Or??

  8. Wow so many poses and memes, you are a busy friend!
    Beautiful pictures!Thanks for your visit!

  9. Hi there, Sweepy! You are one cute pooch, that's for sure. And it looks like you are quite adored by your human...perfectly understandable. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  10. Sweepy you are a GENIUS all memes in one post ! Hahaha ! and you present them perfectly ! You are always welcomed by my cats, especially Arthur has nothing against dogs, he rather chases them away, lol !

  11. Wow, so glad I found you here Sweepy. What a cute doggy you are, so many cute photos and so many great meme's. Enjoy the rest of your week my little friend, and say hi to your mommy for me.

  12. Holy cow wee one! You have been super duper busy! You are a sweetheart and I love each pose! Thanx for sharing your wonderful kitty toy and beautiful orchid!

  13. You've got the whole week covered. Great pics!

  14. I just came over from Sumo's blog to say what a beautiful Peaceglobe you have up for Blogblast for Peace - it's stunning!

    Wishing you and yours peace, harmony and happiness x


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