Me Me Meme, Part 2

Due to insistent public demand
mostly from the beings in Heaven
I bring back . . .

Sweepy's Meme Week
"So What Else Are You Doing Aside From Sleeping?"

I was told that this month
is the month for Reading.
And when you say reading
this SuperDog is a reader advocate!
And here are some of my books:
Oh, I love reading!
It makes you sleep better.
It keeps your brain alive.
Plus, you promote the old-fashion love for books.
Or in short, I-Don't-Have-A-Kindle tweet.

And to start the week here's my
BlueMonday for SmilingSally:
Don't laugh but this book contains all my pictures since birth!
Needless to say, it is my favorite.

And this one is purr-fect for
Mary's Ruby Tuesday!
Now this book contains the pictures of my loved ones
which include my late Mumsy Pica and my late big brother Bogart . . .
and this made me jump to Sunday's Weekend Reflection
and since MrFrogsky is here as well,
this is also for MistyDawn's CameraCritters on Friday!
And here's my drooly musing:
You do not miss what you don't have, MrFrogsky.
But what you don't have do miss you.

Hmmm, I think it goes the other way.
Reflection blurs the brain and makes you a sap!

Now this picture is for
Wordless Wednesday
But since there is an intruder who uttered WORDS
this is now . . .
Gattina's Tuesday Cats:
In case you're wondering who that cat is, Gattina,
I am wondering myself
since we don't have a meow-sy, Viola and Pusa.

But moving on . . .
and moving back . . .
Hey, I'm getting confused now.
You see, this is also my contribution
for Denise, Luiz, Sandy and Pupo's TodaysFlowers on Sunday
and Maia's MacroFlowerPhotography on Saturday!
I'm sorry people but I'm not allowed to pick flowers in Heaven.
And this flower fell directly to my golden furry tummy!

But reading aside
I also play games!
and here's my multicolored multi-dilapilated toys
for AngelWings ColorCarnival on Thursday!

And since the letter for ABCtema is H . . .
H means Hoarding. Ho-Ho-Ho!
Holariously Hoofy Ho-hum.

And the color theme for PhotoHunter is Orange:
and Don'tBotherTheBlackHound theme.

And talking of the Black Hound . . .
here is my BW macro shot
. . . which is also perfect for Lisa's chaos
er, make that Lisa's MacroShotMonday
and Birgitta's MacroMonochrome!

And another BW for
Dragonstar's BlackAndWhiteWeekend on Friday:
All these pictures and memes together can be crazy, Dragonstar
so I drooly agree and understand the rules!

But wait!
I forgot my Midweek Blues:
. . . which is also for TufaGirl's Birdhouses on Thursday!

And if its Thursday
here's my 2 Questions for Self Sagacity:
(1) Is it legal to keep old dilapilated toys?
(2) What do you think are the perfect toys for a SuperDog?
And my As: (1) No. Pls tell this to Keeper! (2) iPad and tweet this!

And for Mary's SepiaScenes on Thursday:
. . . and this ends my playtime.

. . . and lastly, for PaperMama's HolidayCardChallenge:
A candid shot from my photo shoot
which is also perfect for RubyTuesday!
Hey, do you like the card I made?

And this reminds me that I have to register for the HolidayCardExchange
and withdraw all our savings to send cards to all my friends
which does not guarantee that they may receive it!
But I am still working on our Holiday cards
and of course, ALL my friends will get one!

And here's a bonus shot:
. . . a tamer shot (compared to last post) for Murrieta's
SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) on Sunday.
Also for Harriet's shadows on Sunday . . .



  1. Hi, Sweepy! How busy you are - what with all those super pics and messages above! No wonder you're fast asleep in that final image!

    And yes, 'H' is definitely for hoarding! Next Thursday, I'll be doing 'I' for images (and photo shoots!) Love to discover your thoughts on airbrushing - which neither of us, of course, will ever have to resort to (unlike those humans!!)

    Have a peaceful weekend, Sweepy!


    XOXO Lola:)

  2. Sweepy, it's good of you to make time for my meme in your busy life.
    Oh, what a horrid word verification - no-one likes fleas!

  3. Very cute doggy and a generous post, with so many photos.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Bonjour dear Sweepy!
    Wow you are very prepared for the week ahead, amazing idea ( mommy there is very creative ) and your pictures adorable.I specially love the first one, you are so smart!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  5. Hi Sweepy, our human EJ says 'hi' :-)
    We love how you balance the reading glasses in perfection on your head and that picture of you looking intently at that blue birdhouse. We think it's a tad small for you to rest inside if that is what we think you are thinking.

  6. Oh Sweepy you have some of the best posts! You work so hard on them too! I love all your colorful toys and your Poo book! lol

  7. Hi again Sweepy!

    I've just posted about airbrushed images! Now you and I are lucky that we are so naturally beautiful we simply don't need to be photoshopped like those hoomans!

    PS hope the week's going well for you in your busy life - no wonder you fell asleep in that last shot. I would have too!


    XOXO Lola:)


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