Who Shot Who?

Oh-oh, Popsy!
Uh, I think it is time for your shots!

Popsy Sumo:
What shot?
I am not shooting anybody.

No! Pop, your shots!
Your annual anti-rabies shots!
Remember, you were not able to get it
when I went to church to get blessed
and have my shots after?
You missed that.

But don't worry Popsy!
I pestered the Mayor.
I pestered the Vice Mayor as well.
Well, the new Vice Mayor was our former Village chief
and he is my woofy textmate.
Vice Mayor Norvic Solidum promised to schedule
a free anti-rabies shots in our place
exactly on Rainbow Avenue
And there it is now . . .

Our two community leaders
Mayor Cataquiz and Vice Mayor Solidum
are staunch supporters of my SuperDog campaign
for animal care and protection!
I better sniff it out . . .

Before the shooting starts
our Municipal Officer Dr. Rogelio Bartolini
gathered everybody for a minute of silent prayer . . .
(I bet he's praying that no dogs will bite him! Ha!)
With him is our homeowner head Emy Bagulbagul
and behind him is our pretty vet Dra. Templado.
Then Dr. Bartolini gave a short lecture about animal care
the what-nots, the not-what, the what-what
and the No-No:
"After the shot, no ligo muna (no baths) for a week!"

And today is our bath time!
There goes our bathtime for this week, Popsy. . .

And now, everydoggy and everydoggy's human
must line up, register, get a number . . .
Clerk: "Name please"
Doggy Owner (DO): "Bobby"
Clerk: "Age?"
DO: "25"
Clerk looks up at the owner wondering how a 25yo dog is still alive
and still wants to have his anti-rabies shots!
Clerk: "I mean the dog!"

Oh, of course, the clerk is asking about the dog.
What's the matter with you anyway!
Okay, everybody, listen!
We need to make this fast and efficient.
Give the dogs name, age, sex, breed, etc.

Now look at this one:
No name, unknown age, female and pregnant,
Ugh! Again? Now you know why I don't want strays around!
They spread diseases, spread garbage, blah-blah . . .
where's the woofy owner?

No owner. No breeding.
And no woofy animal shelter.
Okay, NEXT!

Hey Pluto!
They are starting already!
Pluto has been here exactly at 8AM!
And I told him they start around 9.
Well, today they started later than 9.
Poor Pluto!
Okay, make way for Pluto!

Okay, NEXT!

Okay, no escaping, furries!
Everydoggy gets a shot NOW.
It won't hurt and it's free.
Now go and bite no more . . . teehee.


Hey, you're not from this place.
Oh, go ahead. Give him a shot!
No dogs will be spared of this campaign!
Good dog, Django! I'll send you your treat tomorrow.


Okay, Whitey, that won't hurt!
And nobody is pinching your butt.
And Dr. Templado said you need anti-flea as well. . .

Well, Ok, here's my free anti-flea tip
only from your flea-free SuperDog:
Always ask your keeper to inspect your fur,
keep a clean surroundings and don't wander into strange places
and don't sniff strange dogs and strange people.
They might carry them fleas and fly to you!
Now don't tell me I didn't warn you . . .

Okay, NEXT!

Dagul, you will get your spa treatment next week!
Now wipe that grumbling face and line up for your shot!

Ok, wait a minute.
I spot some pretty furries.
Hi there, girls!

Okay, I got farted out by these beauties.
Methinks they need a bath.
Okay, go and get your shots now. . .

Sassy, you are next.
And no ifs and buts.

As for Popsy Sumo
Keeper Lui and Luchie tried to carry him in vain.
In the end, Keeper Lui had to fetch the vet
bring him to the house, give Popsy Sumo his shot,
and bring him back so he can continue giving shots until noon!

Ahhh, we're done!
Almost a hundred furries given FREE shots in my place!
Thank you Mayor Cataquiz and ViceM Solidum!
Another year accomplished for shots.
Hopefully next year I can push my other projects:
ban all animals in the streets without a leash
(Keeper would always get into a mess with this),
penalize people who do not take proper care of their pets
(no water, no proper food and shelter, etc.),
provide comfortable tethering practice
(some dogs are kept on leash even in their own homes!)
and possibly, free animal check-ups yearly!

. . . and now I go for some romping fun around Heaven!

But before that, let me share my ABC of Thanks for Rachel of Finding Joy:
Apples and Adobo (chicken dish sauteed in soy sauce, vinegar and oil), Bogart my late brother, Cookie my girlfriend in Canada and Chicky our chico tree, Dawgy our neighbor, Elle my glamorous FB fan in SanFrancisco, Firecrackers ban, Ginormous treats, Heaven our house, Ireland my dream vacation place, Jojo and Joey my keeper's brothers, Krislin my new friend in Singapore, Lui my keeper, MrLeach the leech translator, Nice and neat bed, Outdoor fun, Pica my late Mumsy, Quiet time, Roaching time, Sumo my father, Troy our lizard, Uchi my other keeper, Viola my fan, Wormsy, Xylophone, Yikes the stag beetle and Yvon our avocado tree, a Zoo-less future. Happy Thanksgiving, furries and Happy Birthday Uchi!

And I also share this with Misty Dawn's CameraCritters.


  1. I have my granddaughter on my lap and she loves all the puppy pictures. "Ahhhh, so cute," she says as I read to her.

  2. oh gosh It was a kind of "torture"day?! hehehe kidding!
    Lovely pictures dear friends!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  3. I just admire people like you ! what a good job for the poor animals !

  4. Hi Sweepy,Sumo and Lui!!! :))

    I can see you are having just a great time in Heaven! Good!! :)

    Thanks for visiting me, did you get your tea??
    Pusa is smelling the tracs after Sweepy and Sumo, she miss them before having met them I think..
    I'm now dropping by, to say hello and what a great and fun post you've made here!!! I think Pusa should have her shot in the same time.. haha!

    Your photos are so wonderful!! Lui is a good photographer!! Tell her that! ;) The second-last is sooooo wonderful!!! :)

    We wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving!!! :) And we don't celebrate it here in our country.. but now we are in Manila, right? So we celebrate the Thanksgiving with you in Heaven! :D

    Hugs.... :)

  5. Great photos and great list. :)

    Thanks for linking up.

  6. Hi Sweepy!

    Hope you didn't overindulge over Thanksgiving like me! But then, as a sensible canine, I'm sure you didn't!

    You look as busy as ever - hope you get some rest though this week!

    XOXO Lola:)

  7. Pluto and friends look so funny waiting to have their rabies shots. LOL!

    We love the pictures of you relaxing and especially the second last one.


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