Thursday's Cat . . . and all that Meow!

Hullo, Gattina!

. . . er, meow . . .

Oh, I know I'm late by two days for TuesdayCats.
Okay make that a day.
I live in a zone where the day starts early.
But only a few hours before Australia.
Tess, Willow and the gang are ahead.
'mornin' guys!

And I know I'm not a . . . woofy cat.
But don't ya think I look good like one?
And hey, this is also purr-fect for
Dragonstar's black and white weekend
but it ain't a weekend
and I'm late for that as well.

I can't do this for Midweek blues either
because, well, it ain't blue.
Bluey hu-hu!

I figured I have to dress up
especially when Nora and Lola kept visiting
and all they see are my boring collars
and my drool kerchief . . .

Well, this shirt is Keeper's.
It's on the way to the laundry basket
but I kidnap it
er, make that 'shirtnap' it.
It looks perfect for some Runway reviews.

You wouldn't believe this
but this shirt is a gift to Keeper
by TheOtherKeeper (TOK) Luchie
who celebrated her bday recently.

I don't understand it.
It was Luchie's birthday
and she gave a gift to Keeper.
And what did Keeper gave to Luchie?
What shame!

And instead of going out
my humans decided to just eat in.

They decided to just order for delivery
all imaginable greasy fastfood fare
and gorge themselves happy.
And look at all that!
Fish, chips, shrimps, chicken and noodles!
And a double fudge chocolate cake!
And as soon as it got out of the box
half of it is gone in seconds!
My hoomans are rabid!

I even saw Keeper
lugging another slice
of a mini ice cream fruit cake . . .
tucked in her hand while talking to the plants . . .
and gobbled everything
in one gulp!

And the height of all these indulgence is this:
Keeper's favorite ube (purple yam)
topping her favorite ube puto (rice cake)!

Totally disgusting.

And what did we get from all this feast?
A cup of flavored yogurt!
The hoomans had everything
and all Popsy and I got
was a drooly cup!

I can't drooly understand
why these hoomans ordered everything
that is not good for animals!

But it is now December
and I'm off sending my holiday cards early
in case I get drooly late
and I miss the action again.

It is also the best time to SWEEP
all the dust and drool of this year
so I can make the coming one
clearer, cleaner
and drooly on time.

And before I end
if you're a cat
and even a wannabe cat
here are my Two Questions Thursday for you:
1) what NO-NO food do want to eat?
2) have you eaten any no-no food and what happened?
and a bonus Q:
What is your favorite to-die-for Feast?

And WOOF! I think I hear Tom Jones blasting from the past . . .

What's new Pussycat? Wo-oh-wo-oh-whoa . . .
You're delicious and if my wishes can come true
I'll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips . . .


  1. And here are my As:
    1) All of what the hoomans ate above.
    2) I once ate a white chocolate cake and I slept all day. Keeper said a chocolate is bad for dogs whether it is brown or white and anything in between.

    My favorite doggy feast: a bucket of raw crunchy chicken drumstick! But I will not die for it. Otherwise I will not be able to enjoy more of it!

  2. Sweepy!
    Tell Happy Birthday to Luchie for me ok??
    All that food looks delicious!
    Here in my house we are always on a diet... but a birthday is a birthday... and sure you can enjoy a feast in those special days!
    All kinds of food or no-no food are good for me!
    Hmmm.... I guess that is the reason I am on a diet!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi Sweepy I need to confess that I LOVE lettuce!
    purrs and a happy weekend

  4. You are really some dog ! you even speak "cat" so you are bilingual ! meow ! Unfortunately my cats haven't learned to bark yet, but if you come to teach them, maybe they will !
    All this food looks very yummy Arthur would appreciate, he eats almost everything !

  5. That's a real cool cat shirt you are wearing Sweepy.

    We only eat kibbles as our human is vegetarian and cannot eat all those scrumptious food your keeper ate. But we do get wet food treats when one of us is not well and have to take medicine.

  6. Love that cat shirt too, Sweepy! Really suits you. Nora doesn't really have anything that would suit my exquisite colouring (I'm a natural blonde, you know!)

    btw I love coconut milk & oil too -we really do have identical tastes. But then, we have taste, period!

    XOXO Lola:)

  7. Your peace post is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite

  8. Hello there Sweepy, you are really in the talking mood, aren't you? ;) Poor you, the humans use to eat so many strange things they call food.. huh!
    And such a nice dress you've got! I rather be without any..

    1. I don't like most food humans eat either.. And especially not oranges, then I run miles away, I'll tell you!

    2. I cannot remember I've eaten any NoNo food..

    3. I love coalfish!! Why is it calle coalfish by the way.. would be much better to name it cool fish!! ;) But I agree.. I woul never die for it.. for any yummy food!!

    Have a nice time! Give The Keeper hugs from me (Pusa) and my Keeper! :)

    My lips? Oh.. if you only would dare to touch them,, mohahahahah!!

    By the way- I'm sure you weared that dress because of me.. just admit it.. ;)

  9. It's not YOUR Keeper having had birthday?? Luchie is another I think..


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