My Woofy Fashion

That's The Knock 'em Dead look.

I thought I should take out my scarfy
in my dusty suitcase
and strike a good pose
for my stale FaceBook:
How's that?
The Drooly Wazzup look.
You team that look with a drooly status:
"I drool therefore I am"

That should suffice for a month.
That should make FB happy
instead of pestering me
to update, upload, and just be up and about.
So I sneaked a peek
and ho-hum.
I'm better off hibernating.

Hmmm, I think I should try to look more relaxed
like I'm just viewing life
passing by Heaven . . .
There goes TuttieFrutti!
Is that a hat he's wearing?
Imagine wearing a hat just to buy treats
at the end of Rainbow Avenue!

"Hey, TF! Buy me the bacon thingy, will ya? Keeper will pay you when she gets back! What? You don't have extra cash? What's with that dog! And where's Keeper?"

Now where was I?
It is hard to focus on work
when I see a lot of stuff
passing by Heaven.

Now to go back to my woofy fashion . . .

A scarf is a perfect accessory.
If you need extra hair
just toss the scarf
and voila!
Instant hair!
Perfect when you have bad hair days!

Of course
nothing beats
The Bonnet and Scarf tandem:
Perfect for runaway.
Perfect for the red carpet.
Perfect to run away stuff
like a slice from Keeper's sponge cake
that falls precariously from her hands
when she starts answering the door bell.

Or sneaking some tidbits
of Keeper's colored cupcakes
stash it in the fold of yer scarf
and flash your drooly smile
before the old lady suspect anything.

"I ain't hiding anything!"

Well, the other day
Keeper called me and Popsy aside
and told us that for this Christmas
we will have to give more
since there are a lot of needy ones.
Oh-oh, there goes my wish list!

Keeper started making an inventory of my stuff
which she said is filling up her cabinets
and maybe share some of them
or give them away.


I'm drooly whining.
I'm not yet finished with my list
and I have not started sending my cards.
To be able to do that
I have to check and re-check
all my friends blogs
(some were affected by the crisis
and a lot were inactive!)
and since I was not able to register
for the Card Exchange
I have to use my old list!
So please, my lovely furry friends
and drooly hoomans
please spare me more time. . .

This SantaSuperDog is trying to hurry up
to be able to deliver everything on time!

In Heaven
Keeper has lighted all three
of our Advent candles . . .
. . . which means that Christmas
is just around the corner.
I looked around
but not yet.

I hear the church bells toll
it's haunting sound ringing in all of Heaven
calling us to remember
what this season is all about.

I am trying to remember again.
But I can't think
when I have all these drooly fashion on me.
I should look good in it
except that I need a drooly cold weather
to nail it in.
Hey Viola and Pusa!
Please send some drooly whiff of colder air
so I can wear my scarfy and hatty
as I go about my SuperDog rushy . . .

Oh, the weather outside is hotsy.
And the wind is so patootsie.
And whatever you'd like to drool
let it snow, let it snow . . .


  1. Bonjour sweet Sweepy!
    You are such a fabulous model, this set of pictures is very charming!I loved your scarfs, you are so elegant and I think it's wonderful for these cold days!
    I also love your picture with Noel costume, you are ready for Christmas!

  2. Hi Sweepy!
    I love your photos!!
    They are just wonderful!!!!
    We are now your newest followers! Thanks for visiting us at:

    Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  3. ¡Hola Sweepy!

    Greetings from Andalucia, Spain where it's also hot!

    You look so handsome in all those scarves but it must be very hot for you. Oh, what we beautiful creatures have to endure to be fashionable!

    btw have you considered modelling? Professionally, I mean? You are so good looking!

    XOXO Lola:)

    PS Been meaning to ask if you've got a girlfriend?!

  4. You are modelling far better and you a far more beautiful than Naomi Campbell, and probably more kind too, lol !

  5. Sweepy you are a star. And I love your scarves, you can never have too many accessories :O)


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