My Photo Challenges . . .

Okay stand back.
For this SuperDog
is going to execute
drooly death-defying

I say
bring it on . . .

Ashley barked out
FIVE challenges
for Scavenger Hunt Sunday:

Challenge 1: Winter
Woof! We don't have winter
but this SuperDog can super-edit!
Bring on the snow for my Popsy and Frogsky!
Oh, let it snow, let it snow . . .

Challenge 2:

Black and White with Selective Coloring
Whaddayaknow! SuperDog convert same winter scene
and of course leave my golden self sticking out!

Challenge 3:
The Wind

There goes the SuperDog flying in the wind!
I would have included this for SkyWatch
except that I'll get barked at again
for putting my SuperSelf up front again.
So much for watching the sky.
This challenge is for watching ME!
And why do I run?
Well, the challenge said Wind
and wind means running for me!

Challenge 4:

Woof! For this I get Keeper's mixed media ATC
of cut paper and other hooha
and framed my drooly SELF!
Purr-fect to send as postcard across the miles!
I send it to all my drooly fans everywhere . . .

Now where was I?
Okay, down to the last . . .

Challenge 5:
Remember When

Remember when the world was kind
and all beings are equal and live harmoniously?
Remember when it all began
and you will remember that in the midst of it
a SuperDog REIGN supreme!
Hoo-ha moment. Ho-hum.

And there goes my takes for Ashley.
Woof Ashley, this SuperDog is a super scavenger
and not just for Sunday!

And now here are more challenges.
I better sniff and wag my tail . . .

Allie barks out a challenge for Happy Monday: Christmas Decor
Woof! I inherited Bogart's drooly fondue set!
It is also perfect for BlueColoredThursday's challenge
which is : Red and Green!

But my super favorite Christmas decor
but second only to the window wreath
where Birdsky prefers to stay
is our Christmas Angel . . .
all decked in local materials!

Angel is good for Mary's SEPIA SCENES:

And again for Mary's Yard Art:
Mary has a challenge for every day of the week.
If you have no camera you can't join.
But if you don't have a SuperDog
then just sit and watch this one. . .

My Angel decor is also purrfect for
Amy's Color Splash Sunday!
I would include it for Dragonstar's BWweekend
but it has a color (it is a challenge remember?)
and Dragonstar hates it when you lump all challenges
until your readers lump in exhaustion.
Er, hello?
Anybody there?

Photohunt Challenge this week:MALE
Of course, that would be All Me!
I am super Male.
And yes Nora and Lola.
I already have a gurlfriend.
I dog (Cookie) and 7 hoomans.
But I have a room for a cat GF.
And you could be IT!
And that could be a post perfect for
Gattina's Tuesday Cat.
But I am getting ahead of the story . . .

My holiday mails are coming in batches!
Thank you all furries and peeps!
I will list everyone at the end of the year.
We did not register (missed it actually)
so we just eMailed our holiday greetings
and the mailing savings we instead used to buy items
to fill a holiday bags for those in need!
Watch for that story as well.

It is less than a week before Christmas
and I am drooly tired but excited!
What about you?


  1. I like the decoration picture! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday!

  2. Oh my goodness - I really loved your commentary and that first photo just cracks me up. You're super-editing is great. LOVE IT! I can't wait to see what you'll do with future hunts!

  3. Oh I love your Scavenger Hunt photos - brilliant!

  4. What a nice and funny post ! love the pictures !

  5. Hey Sweepy! ;) I know this is your first time linking up with CSS. Thanks for joining us, and I'll hope you link up again! We are taking a break this Sunday, due to the holidays, but we'll be back up again on January 2.

    Love the angel photos! The light and shadow of the selective color photo are perfect.

  6. Heyy Thanks for the christmas wishes. Im here to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season! =)


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