A Christmas Tale in Heaven

The Much-Awaited Story
by Sweepy

On the night of the full moon
when most of Heaven was asleep . . .

Oh, once upon a midnight dreary

while I ponder weak and weary

comes a sound from the bowel of the earth

not a creature was astir

not even . . .
a badly plagiarized copycat
not even a mousy wannabe was awake
except for a SuperDog
and his super Popsy.

It was a night like no other.
Bathe in pinkish-purplish mist
the Superdog waited.

And in the quiet of the day
sprinkled with the moondust
left over from the eclipse
comes a fat jolly fellow
in a funny red suit . . .

The fat jolly fellow faces the Superdog
who was nervously licking his paw
in dreaded fashion awaiting
what he knew would be a verdict
of his super fate and that of children:

So was he good all year?
Did he make the grade?
Was he all things bright and beautiful?
Or was he a night of the thousand drearies?

The man called Santa eyed the Superdog
and said instead:

A house?

For a King?

But I thought Kings live in palaces!

the Superdog was aghast.

The Santa shook his fat head
rattling his curly white hair
and told the SuperDog
that the King is about to be born
to a couple on exile!
Thus, the couple is walking the earth
searching for a home
hungry and afraid,
while the woman was petrified,
heavy with a child in her womb,
the child that would be King no less,
but with no home!

So the SuperDog
immediately went to work!
The SuperDog found a nice house
with a side cafe in case the King's family
might need a little business
to tide them over the crisis . . .

And the Superdog prepared a table too. . .
. . . so he can serve the Royal family something warm
after their long and tiring journey . . .

But a laughing giant came!
And drank the hot tea the SuperDog made!

And danger lurks from behind the shadows . . .
. . . where once there was only
the safety and security of a home!
Nothing is sacred anymore!

The Superdog lost the house,
the cafe business,
the warm food,
and there is nothing
that he can give to the King!

Oh misery! Why art thou keeping me company?
whined the Superdog.

But lo and behold!
The man named Santa appeared once again
bringing glittering gifts for the Superdog!
You are indeed a Superdog!
You felt for the plight of the King and His family.
You found them a home and made them a meal.
You did not lose anything, Superdog!
Your good intentions can only bear fruit!
And for that, I present to you my gifts!

I give you the gift of
Faith and Hope
. . . for the times you felt lost, alone and scared.
For the helplessly you feel
over your friends who are sick and sad
over those who lost their homes
and their loved ones . . .
That in the midst of everything
this precious gift will arm you well.

I also give you the gift of
Strength and Resilience
. . . which you will need
when you don your Superdog suit
and slay the bad guys who hurt animals.
The clueless beings who hurt trees and nature.
The leaders you tirelessly bark to.
You will need this gift so much, my Superdog!

I also give you gifts of Laughter,
of Compassion, and Generosity.
They are more important than the bacon treats
you keep harping about!

And lastly,
the most precious of all . . .
The gift of a Child
who is The King!

The true meaning of Christmas!
The mass for Christ the King!
The gathering that sweeps across countries
across blogs, and tweets, and chats,
beyond the glitter, the mad shopping,
and in the quiet of homes
all around the land
as people gather
to celebrate . . .
the coming of Christ the King!

And before the Superdog can bark anything
another jolly fellow in a red suit came:
And I present to you
the gift of Music
and all the artistic gifts
that you ever need!

The Superdog was astounded.
There was just too much
to know and enjoy
in the gifts of the jolly Santas!

And in the quiet of Heaven . . .
the Keeper slowly cleaned and painted
and spruced one of her birdhouses . . .

And the Superdog knew
it will house a very special family . . .

And housed the true essence
of what Christmas really means
not just to the Magis, the magical Star,
the Angels singing, the animals and their keeper
and all who was present at the birth of the King
thousand of years ago
and still ring true today . . .
. . . as the Superdog and his Popsy witnessed it again!

And in true holiday fashion
the Superdog wrapped all his gifts
into one special handy box
to share them with all his friends
those who are far and away
and those who are near and loved.

For Christmas is not really Christmas
if it is not shared.

de drooly End.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!!

    Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  2. w00fs Hounds...hope u all have a merry christmas too..mama is slow with our cards...hope she gets them out soon...

    b safe,

  3. Hi Superdog! Hope your Christmas was good! We love this story! How creative! And He shall be called Immanuel...God with us!

  4. Merry belayed Christmas, I was in Amsterdam !
    What a cute post. I probably got your Christmas card, thank you very much ! I am catching up with the emails, lol !
    You should have a look on this cute video, the modern Christmas story http://gattinawritercramps.blogspot.com/2010/12/digital-christmas-modern-times.html

  5. Sweepy!
    I was waiting for your story this year!
    And it is pawesome!
    I love it!
    Happy Holidays to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs


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