Memories, Dreams, Reflections . . .

This is a looooooong post.
Longer than my usual long post.
So get your easy chair, a cup of cocoa,
fluff those pillows and lean on it,
turn off the phone and TV
and enjoy my drooly sharing
for Ashley's 2011 meme . . .

Note also that by virtue of some unnameable reasons
I can not follow the order of the prompt
simply because I am a dog (am I excused Ashley?)
I get OC about redundant prompts
I get paw strained when I don't do things my way
Or in short, I have no lousy excuse.

Sweepy's Me-Me-My!
Mymories, MyDreams, MyReflections

1. Me!
I am a Superdog.
I pester, er, make that bark at people
who makes life a misery for animals.
I am a Reader Advocate pestering,
er make that encouraging kids to read books.
I am a Creatives whatchamacallit.
I design and create anything and everything drooly art.
All of that is ME.

2. Beautiful
aka (also-known-as) prompt#18
. . . is my house called Heaven. Its rusty roof that is always in need of repair, the broken window screens, the peeling paint mingle with beautiful plants and singing trees that survive extreme hot and rainy weather and beings who flitter, pester, er, make that wander in wonder in Heaven and stays and makes my life miserable. But don't tell Keeper that.

3. I Love You!
aka prompt #2
I LOVE my late Mumsy Pica and my Popsy Sumo.
My father Sumo came into Heaven as a puppy gift the summer of 2000. At that time my Mumsy Pica was already 9 years old and the only dog in Heaven. Mumsy immediately 'adopted' Popsy. But whaddyaknow! When Popsy turned 6 months old, the cute black whatsy became a huge handsome what-the-oh!, and whaddyaknow, love bloomed in Heaven. So you see, long before Courtney became The Cougar, a dog named Pica became The Furever mate of a pup named Sumo in 2000. And I am just one of their 30 pups. Just so Wikipedia knows. Ho-hum.

4. I Miss You
aka prompt #17
Bogart and I. As different as night and day. When fate hit an ageing female dog (Pica) and her puppy mate (Sumo) what do you expect to come out but my big, black, brother Bogart (born 2001)! A drooly clueless as any bumbling fool, Bogart (aka Hagrid the Beast) would traipse around Heaven clumsily killing plants, critters, and several toe nails! When I was born a year after (2002) all the gods of fates and drooly fetes came storming Heaven with laughter and snickers. What-the-hey! . . . But Bogart suddenly left me last year and the year before that, Mumsy left too, and life was never the same. I really drooly miss Bogart and my Mumsy . . .

5. Family
aka prompt #14
My extended family include hoomans. We really need them to buy our food, clean our house, clean my butt, er, again, make that groom and keep us looking decent and less wild. Some of my friends refer to their humans as Mom and Dad but I don't. While 21st century dictate the new term 'Pet Guardians', I prefer to call them my Keepers. Left to right in photograph is Another Keeper named Loyd (the one who does not like animals), and the one in the middle is The Other Keeper and Heaven's gardenkeeper Luchie and next to her is Keeper named Lui. Lui is actually my yaya but I don't think she wants to be called that.

6. Holidays and Celebrate
aka prompt #21 and #15
Christmas in the Philippines mean a tradition of having Ham (we had 3! and to think my hoomans do not eat red meat), the dreaded FruitCake (but not in Heaven because my hoomans eat them all the time! So in case you're wondering who is eating the fruitcakes in town, just go to Heaven), something 'sticky' (they had cassava and ube cakes!) and something looooooong (duh, spaghetti?) because it means you will stick together for a long, long time. Oh, ForBarkingOutLoud, now you know my hoomans will be here until the world spins out of the universe and beyond!

7. Just Because
aka prompt #24
The twelve round fruits for New Year's eve. I do not know or understand the connection of 'Round' with new or what. Keeper said the Chinese equate it with wealth (round coins) and the Filipinos have Chinese influence (they also have Indian, Spanish, American, Japanese and lately, Korean influences ;-) where the local traditions gets mangled and becomes a mutt. Sort of. Mixed traditions. But every year, my humans gather these fruits "just because" you choose: they're silly, they're crazy, they're MAD. Period. Which brings me to . . .

8. Merry Seasons!
Winter none, Spring attack, Autumn hop and Summer steal
aka prompts # 4, #8, #13 and #10
And there goes my old lady OtherKeeper harvesting the neighbor's fruit and passing it on to me! Wait! Is Assange around? If this ever leaks anywhere my Superdog exploits goes pfffft! Okay people hear me out: I Am Not An Accomplice Fruit Stealer. Especially a fruit that is star-shaped. An omen perhaps? But wait! Luchie, that is Not Round! You can't put that in our Fruit Basket! But the old lady barks back "I am putting it directly in my stomach" So there. I am just following orders. And in case you'd care to know, we (my Popsy and I) have not eaten ANY of those fruits except our usual chicken which is the dreaded meal because chicken represents "isang kahig, isang tuka" (one sweep, one bite or in short, pure hardwork!) Now you know the silly things people do . . .

9. Don't Ever Change
aka prompt # 23
There goes Keeper Lui my yaya after the holidays. Notice her bloated tummy which a year of yoga can not hopelessly do anything miraculous to flatten back! Keeper has been keeping me company all Christmas month (and eating like crazy to ward stress) because the trigger-loving people kept lighting firecrackers to keep evil spirit out, have fun, and beat the lights off me and all animals around Heaven and beyond! Keeper contorted herself and cuddled my shaking self inside my small house every New Year's eve revelry with 80s disco music blaring and asking us to shake our booty. Mamamia! Keeper forego New Year's eve revelry since I was born and instead kept me company to comfort me and the hounds around Heaven So please, please help Keeper push her "Total Firecrackers Ban" this year!

10. All Smiles
aka prompt #12
Self explanatory. As you can see, I am not all jittery nerves. I can also smile and smile gorgeously. nuffsed.

11. Still Laughing
aka prompt #3
Now that is Luchie the Other Keeper. Again. Luchie has not stopped eating and laughing at my Christmas story in my last post. I wonder why she's laughing when my story is nothing funny but deeply profound and deserving of a literary award. Some people just don't get it. Woof!

12. My Favorite/s
aka prompt #22
. . . are my hooman Girlfriends! Yupsy! This drooly dog gets swarmed with pretties. As soon as I don my Superdog hooha, the gurls practically park at my paw-steps! But my drooly dog GF is Cookie from Canada who can only blog once a year. I think. Oh Cookie, where art thou? . . . But I am seriously contemplating on having a Cat GF, a python GF, a Fish GF perhaps, and just so I remember my late bro Bogart, an elephant GF. . .

13. A Day In My Life

aka prompt #11
Ahhh life! When the wind cools my furry self and my Popsy licks my paws, and Keeper . . . well, when Keeper rest her merry feet . . . those were the days . . . and that was a moment in 2010! And here are the special moments in 2010 and in the past. . .

14. I Was Inspired
aka prompt #7
Our old portrait to the new one, Bogart and me at Halloween, hands and paws at work together in our studio creating and inspiring people and furries to use their brain, both left and right, for a wholistic production and advocacy, tuning in to nature and all beings around us and being guardians of the world we live in . . .

15. Let's Do It Again!
aka prompt #16
A special moment with my Popsy. We are the only ones left! My father. Our Alpha dog. Heaven's moonlight to my sunlight. In all the things I do and we do together, let's keep doing it again . . . and again . . . together!

16. Friends!
aka prompt#6
In keeping with our miser self, we tamed a lot of material and physical part of our lives to push for more simple but not poor, lean but comfortable life in Heaven, happy and hilarious moments daily, to keep ourselves healthy and joyfully together so we can extend a part of ourselves to others with equal joy and energy!

To all our friends who sent us cards and best wishes, Asta and the Kroon family from New York, Claudette, Rocky, Bear, Jodee and Angel Lacylulu from North Carolina, Dino and Ashley from Taiwan, Veronica and Lorenza from Mexico, Susan and Hammer from Australia, Happy and CS from Malaysia, Romeo and Juliet and Michelle from USA, EJ and her speaking chair from Singapore, especially Kenggy, Tommy, Cinders, Tanya, Winnie, Pebble, and Captain Jack Sparrow Hawk, and all her Angels especially Tortie, Gattina from Belgium, Arthur and Rosie, Pookie, River and Stephanie from USA, the Cool Cats of Wildcat Woods USA, Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy from Australia, Orphan Buddy, Danny, BJ, Lily, Joyce, Barbara, Tina, Luna and Fritz, Lufa Girl and LifesHighway, Denise, Luna, Viola and Pusa, Grace Olsson, Luiz, Neal, Patrick and Joey (I hope you are not stranded in London until now!) and our good friend and my hero Elizabeth in the USA who tirelessly spend time rescuing stray animals, and ALL the other cards still in the mail! If I failed to mention anybody, please forgive this senior dog. I am turning 9 this March and although my memory is still intact, all the things I am doing (this Superdog is always swamped with requests!) I can only do halfway. But remember, as always, our hearts are filled with love because of all of you. You inspired us to keep on with our work for animal welfare and protection!

My SuperDog Dream and Hope for 2011:
Total Ban of Firecrackers
Registry of All Dogs and Pets in my community
Free Anti-Rabies shots (to continue yearly)
Good Health for all

And for Ashley and friends
have a merry, loving 2011!

And lastly, I dedicate this special memory trip to my special friend in Australia who recently passed away last December 22 at age 14 . . .

To Opy, the original gruff puppy
and one of DogsWithBlogs founding members
and our special friend . . .

May the wind caress your furry self
as you hop and painlessly join your loving Charlie . . .
and my Mumsy Pica and my Bogart . . .


  1. Thanks for all your good wishes I think you look very chic when you are wearing a T-shirt. Your family looks very nice I would call them servants, because they serve you and you keep them. That's more logical !

  2. It looks like you had an awesome year. I love your #15 - it's so sweet. I hope 2011 is even better!

  3. Hey Superdog, are the glasses on your forehead for show? Am sure you can see well with your super eyes! :)
    Then as we scroll down, we realise you share glasses with your Keeper! LOL!
    We love your number 10. All Smiles.
    Hope your SuperDog Dreams and wishes for 2011 come true!

  4. Happy New Year, Sweepy and family!
    I wish you all the best!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Happy New Year Sweepy! We have been so negligent with blogging and leaving comments to our friends...So many things happened to us at the start of this year. WE thank you for your thoughtfulness in visiting our blog.

    your friends from Greenwoods Pet Clinic


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