Where Have I Been?

And before I answer that
and before I go into my photo challenges
and before the month ends . . .woof!
just look at this:

And because the peeps kept stopping by our house
and sneaking around like a curious cat
and some even rang the bell
asking "is Sweepy ok?"

Keeper aka MyServant
(as suggested by my friend Gattina)
would go out and explain to the curious and snoopers
that I do not use my house anymore
and that I prefer to sleep in Bogart's house
and most of the time in Sumo's house
so they might as well sell my house!

And the curious would then ask
"But I want to buy the dog!"

And Keeper would go crazy and cry
"My dogs are not for sale!"

So now this sign is up:

Maybe next week I should sell Keeper.

Now on to -
My Photo Challenges
and the challenges start with Ashley:

This was done and edited by Greg Lee of DogsWithBlogs many moons ago when all furries gathered together to look for our stolen friend Beau. Beau was never found. :-(
This picture had my late Mumsy Pica (beside me and I am the one in circle on the left!) and my brother Bogart (lower left), and my Popsy Sumo right smack at the center in our favorite red rocking chair. This picture is special because so many of my furry friends in this photo has passed away including Greg's own Charlie and just recently, Opy.

My drooly unshapely form. I think I need to do some yoga, er, make that doga!

Doorway aka DorkWay
I keep watch over the many doorways in our house called Heaven.
Nobody leaves and enters without my permission.
Just so you drooly know.

Woof! I can see your reflection in my glasses!

Keeper's ballet flats which I love to steal and run around with whenever she leaves them out to air under the sun! This is also my happy shot for Allie's Happy Monday where she barks out "show me yer shoes!" this week.

And when Amy barks "show me your color splash!"
and there I go with a rare photo with my Popsy Sumo who hates cuddling!

And while I am on to challenges
let me pose this one to Gattina
and her cat friends on Tuesday:

How do you stop a noisy cat doing love calls all week?

You see, this meow thing has kept me up all night all week and parked himself on the roof with his non-stop aria which gave me insomnia not to mention Popsy going mad and grumpy and lashing at me with the least provocation!

So where have I been all this time?

I was out watching this black heavy thing
turn 11 this month
(that is equivalent to 77 to human age!)
and gobbled all his birthday treats
and making sure my old lovable Pop
stays sane until his black furs
turns all white!!!
Happy Belated Birthday, Popsy!


  1. You're so silly Sweepy - I love doorway and reflection!

  2. Such creative perspectives on these themes! And I love the camaraderie in the last photo. :)

  3. Sweepy!
    Glad the sign is clear with the "dog not included"
    Doga is a new year resolution??
    Happy Birthday, Popsy!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. OH aren't you creative! Love the theme! Reflection is adorable :)

  5. Thank dog you are not for sale, Sweepy!

  6. Those are some cute little shoes! Thanks for linking up! :)

  7. I suggest you sell your house on auction, you certainly will get a good price ! From time to time it's good to change sleeping places, a tip : choose the best once in the house ! I love your sill(y)houette picture ! You look like my Arthur when he is rolling around !


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