Challenge Woofs!

Okay, first thing first.
Ashley wants death-defying stuff
and this Superdog is not the type to back out.
So here goes my drooly takes. . .

What else?
My loverly tail.
Obviously in need of a conditioner.
The last time I used it was to swat the pesky flies that hovered over my . . .

That is my MACRO button nose
and my MACRO button eyes.
Oh Lisa will love these!
Just two of the cutey features I have that drive girls crazy.
The other is my paw.
But that ain't button.
And Ashley wants button, y'hear?

I know, I know.
It looks like drooly fog to me!
Whaddaya mean they're clouds, Spiedrpie?
Well, we don't really have fog here except polluted air
conked out by noisy trikes and bikes!
And I ain't shooting that!

This is my fave yogurt drink.
You may not know this, but dogs have lactose intolerance.
Sorta. We do not have whatever it is that can digest milk.
And you know what, I don't care.
Gimme me some milk, Keeper!
Or better yet, make that frozen cream
with hot syrup on top! Arf-arf!

This was not taken from the 70s.
I can't possibly live that long.
Or something that is so old and bygone
and older than the 70s
whose melodies make me . . . .

Now that is my my drool take
for Allie's Happy Monday prompt
that calls for Sunset mode.
When the sun sets I'm totally Zzzzzzz.

And when the sun is up
this is my Sunrise mode.
That makes purrfect sense,
dontcha think, Allie?

And while you can't have enough
of my macro drooly self
here's my
SOOC self
That stands for Straight Out Of the Camera shot, Dens.
I do that pose when buyers of my house
shout out a drooly low bid.
Hey, I am selling my house not my leash, people!
What's wrong with these hoomans!
Now give me a good price so I can go to Amanpulo!

And here is my
but nobody wants that prompt so no link. Duh?

And here's my take for Amy's
er, Color Splash Sunday . . .

And here is my special Monochrome
made special for Dragonstar's
Black and White Weekend!

And here's my Doga (yoga for dogs)
tips and DIY (duh-it-yerself)
paw-by-paw instructions
on how to do it most especially for Lorenza:
Take a deep breath, stretch.
Blast it out, relax.
Do this several times
especially when the humans are watching
and most especially when they give you treats.

And because the kids are complaining
that I bark too long
(loooooonnnnng posts and loooong interval between posts)
and that I keep them from doing their homework
and playstation
and wii
and whatever . . .


I hope these shots will last you all week
because the weather is cool and fine
and I hate interrupting my drooly nap.

Have a safe week, furries!
And have a fun and productive week, people!
I'm off to lie in the deep recesses of my foggy brain.
I'll see you next month!


  1. You dog is an awesome model! I LOVE that 70's shot!! So great :)

  2. Oh Sweepy - you're so good at this photo thing. :)

  3. Sweepy, you are hysterical! I love all of your interpretations, from button to seventies. And the selective color photo is just great! It really puts the focus on YOU, and the angle makes it even more unique. ;)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, adorable!! I love 'em all, but especially "the seventies".

    My Newest Watercolor Painting


    Have a super day!!

  5. Seeing these photos was a great way to start my day! :) You made me smile.

  6. Your dog is too cute. Love the 70s shot.

  7. Awesome pictures. The 70s one is my favorite.

  8. You puppy is so cute! Great take on texture :)

  9. Love the button nose and eyes photo!


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