February Challenges . . .

I woke up this week
with blasting fireworks
and whaddya know
it is New Year . . . again.

As you know (or maybe not)
we celebrate several new years
in our quirky house called Heaven.
So everything is new again.
So to make it new
the peeps have to light fireworks
to scare the lights off me!

That's it!
Tomorrow, I am going to see the Mayor
and demand that they BAN fireworks
or I'm going to lose all my golden furs
in blasting fright!

I am hyperventiwoofing.
I woofy know. Pant! Pant!
And the Chinese New Year does not allow it.
I am so woofy not into this.

And to start the new year
which is the Year of the Rabbit
anything cuddly, sneaky, white
soft, sensitive, and small are in.
Obviously, apart from 'sneaky' I-am-so Out.
Just wait until they get to My Dog Year.

takes . . .

Ashley always have 5 challenges
and I'm not backing at any time.
So here goes my woofy shots:

Isn't that cool, Ashley?
Other dogs have water tumblers
well I have a drooly Water Bag.
Perfect to bring during walks.
Perfect for drinking . . .
purrfect for cleaning my paws . . .
purrfect for hiding . . .
Keeper, if somebody will look for me
"I am out swimming in my water bag!"
And I'm (slurp) drooly done.

I love this sign so much I put this exactly on the entry way.
And I bark so that visitors will notice it and ME.

That is the window into Luchie's room and heart.
Luchie is TheOtherKeeper.
You know she is around when the house gets super noisy.
Keeper + TheOtherKeeper = BEDLAM!
But when I needed anything,
I just stand outside this window and whine to death.
And it works all the time.

. . . and that would be my favorite after-meal activity:
My Popsy Sumo cleaning my right ear!
And after doing the right
then its the left ear . . .
My Dad is the best Ear Cleaner!
You should try it someday.

I don't have a magazine but I have books.
Right now because it is Chinese new year
I'm off to read my guru guide book on feng shui:
This one does not have page numbers
(well, it is Wrong Shui, after all!)
so I opted to read and re-read my fave read.
It has all the wise words for wise woofies like moi.

And that ends my takes for Ashley
and her weekly ScavengerHunt on Sunday.
Maybe next time we can hunt doggy treats . . .

. . . and here is my shot
for Amy's Color Splash Sunday:
Amy, that is Keeper Lui's dried whatever given by TheOtherKeeper.
I do not know what it is and it does smell funny.
It is also not edible so it is not worth my while.
I'm woofy done with it!

And because it is Monday already
here are my happy shots
for Allie's Happy Monday . . .

and Allie wants Black and White.
Okay, I am not Black
but I have a black towel
and when I put it on . . .


But if you want ME in monochrome:

But if you want the real Black and Black thingy:
here is my loverly Dad
Woof, Allie, his stomach is all white!
Both MACROS Purrfect for Lisa's Macro Monday
and Dragonstar's Black and White Weekend!

And here are some things I read about Black thingy:

The humans do not adopt or buy
animals or pets with BLACK furs because:

-> they are drooly hard to find in dim areas
-> they don't show woofy well in photos
-> they look woofy scary
-> they look drooly older
-> the black furs might get into furniture
-> somebody cooked up a crazy idea that black pets are evil

Now wait until my father Sumo reads that
and you're gonna get black-and-blue-and white-and red!

Now where was I?
I think I am woofy done.
So I'm off to snooze.

Have a woofy week and new year, folks!
And for barking-out-loud,
take the time to hug some furry
and some body this week. . .


  1. I can't wait to see if you write a love letter to Kitty Paw!

    Very cute shots! Dog-gone it, I think you did great! Impressed you could set the self timer!

  2. Haha! Those are great! Thanks for linking up, Sweepy!

  3. I dont' know how you do it Sweepy - you're so creative.

  4. More creative takes on the themes! I like the motion blur in the background of the selective coloring photo. :)

  5. Sweepy I just fell in love with you and your interpretations.

  6. Wow-Miauuu!! What a long post you've made here Sweepy!! **) I just loved to read about you..
    I'm glad you left a comment at Viola's page, if not I would be frightened..to believe you had not survived the fireworks of th new New Year! I hate those fireworks.. for which reason?? Bang- bang all the time and wheeeeeeen, zeeeeeen and worst than ever!

    Oh how much I love your water bagg!! I would like to have one like this, because I just love the water! But to swim and bath in there- no, never! But to stay outside, next by that bag, playing with it- oh yeah!! **) I could even have played with you, from each our side of the bag, ha ha miaaauuu!! **D

    You're happy having your kind dad to clean your ears..

    And the wonderful black blanket.. I would like to play with you inside the blanket, me hoppin on you, outside the blanket- ha ha!! **D

    Blac is a nice color, beeing a black dog or a black cat! Urgh- what stupid people find up, nonsense! Black is good, black is nice!
    And I'm Black!! With some few white spots.. **)

    Miaaauuu-kisses from Pusa! **) Take care!

  7. eh... miaaau.. did I talk too much??

    Well, I'm sure you enjoyed listening to me.. '')

  8. Awww, you look human with those crossed paws and scarf! :)

  9. Sweepy!
    Sure you celebrate lots of New Years there!
    I loved all your pictures!
    Good job with the February Challenges!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs


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