Stormy, Rainy, Bedlam in June

I know. Popsy knows too.
So what else is new?

From Monday until Saturday
the rains fell in torrents.
I heard the hoomans say
that two angry howling winds
joined forces to create a storm!
And even if the storms did not pass our way
the rains and the winds howled like mad and
it felt like the world is going to end.

And from Monday to Saturday
several men came and stayed in Heaven
banging on the walls and floors at the back of Heaven
joining forces with the pouring rain!
It felt like my eardrums are numb.

The hoomans call it renovation
but on a rainy, stormy day?
So what else is new?

And without further a-woof
and before I totally lose my sanity
here are my challenges this week . . .

There, behind that closed door and windows, Ashley,
are strange people with strange smell
creating awful noises all day!

I can't paint when its raining, Ashley
and please don't ask Keeper
about my silly paintings.
Nowadays, I just pant amidst the stress.

Now if you want my loverly pair of eyelashes:
Now if you want my loverly face without lashes:
Now if you want my Popsy's:
Now, I think that's enough dog lashes for a week!

I really wanted my face shown, Ashley, but since you wanted only the veins of the leaf then that makes this shot a "faceless portrait" Arooooooooooo! And that ends my takes for SHS!

And for Lisa and her cutey cat at:
. . . and by request again
here is my step-by-step
er, make that paw-by-paw guide
to a good DOGA (yoga for dogs):

Now that is called death-defying pose, Lisa
which is aptly called the "dead dog" pose
supposed to stretch all your limbs
and after all that inhale/exhale
you forget why you were stressed in the first place
which is why doga was invented in the first place.

And this what my Popsy Sumo has to say:
De hoomans like Keeper did not know it
that when they do the dead pose yoga
they are actually copying animal moves
which is silly since I have no plans
of doing any human moves. Ever.

And now for Amy at:
. . . you can not completely block and blacken the world around you
or even block out the noise and dust and rain, Amy.
But surely, you can keep yourself in color,
in sync, in harmony,
in woofy balance
with the dark
woofy world.

barkingly yours,
Sweepy de Something


  1. Hello Sweepy! ^^)
    So nice to read about you and Sumo! =) A nice post and Pusa and I are happy to see you are ok, but-- wow! such a bad rain you have. My keeper says it might have been raining cats and dogs at your place! Cats and dogs??!!?? I cannot understand that, what she really means.. well,well..
    I want to wish you a nice Summer, to you and Sumo and Lui! ^^)

    Kisses from Pusa ^^)
    Viola sending her greetings, too :)

  2. ha! i wish i'd thought of doggie eyelashes. awesome.

  3. Terrific selective color shot!! :)

  4. Another great set Sweepy - love those eyelashes.

  5. Oh Sweepy...thank you for making me woofy laugh. You always know how to do that.
    Leaf veins....are you kidding? When we could be seeing more shots of you. REALLY. Ashley needs to think things through a bit more.
    Happy week Sweeps. Keeps doing those Doga stretches.

  6. Sweepy, if I've not said so before, I truly look forward to your visit each week!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your Doga poses this week at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great Tuesday!


  7. love it! stopping by from the creative exchange!

  8. Great, entertaining post, as usual, Sweepy! love the doga stretches!

  9. Love all your photos! You'd have a great time with my Tanner (golden retriever). You both do the same yoga poses. ;-)

  10. Love your selective coloring photo, as usual! That rocking chair is a great prop for your portrait photos. ;)


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