I'm Woofy Back!

. . . so drooly back.

And drooly watching somebody's back!
Yupsy. I'm guarding my Popsy
because Popsy had a bad case of a 'hot spot'
so now he's in a hot spot!

For hoomans who are not drooly dog-trained
a 'hot spot' is a sore that furries like me gets
from dry drool, dry pee, dusty whatever
and because somebody forgot to give us our regular bath!

And with the dusty constructions
banging on every corner of Heaven
Popsy licked his hot spot like mad from stress
which made the hot spot bigger and looked infected
and which made Keeper faint in disgust!
Keeper gets hysterical when she sees scars.

So now - -
TheOtherKeeper kept negotiating with Popsy
'cause when you get a hot spot
you gotta wear a not so hot hat:
There goes the dimwit whatever.
I ain't wearing that silly blue thing ever.
And Popsy won't either!

This negotiation won't go anywhere, Amy!
Nobody will wear the honorable
'elizabethan collar' aka e-collar
aka ewww-collar!

So if Popsy will not wear the eeewy collar
he has to drooly wear this:

It is called drool scarfy on yer wristly.
It hides the dreaded hot spot.
It reminds you not to lick it
not unless you want Keeper barking at you like mad
after she applied drooly ointment on yer hot spot
and waited for an hour for it to dry!

Poor Popsy felt like an idiot
walking around with a kerchief
at his Fingertips, Ashley!

Popsy Sumo is counting the days
until the cream ointment
and the steroid tablet
that the vet prescribed
will be over . . .
. . . and when Keeper stops over-reacting . . .

In case you're wondering
why are they not fussing over my hot spot?
Well, I kept mine hidden from Keeper
and I make sure it dries faster
and won't get infected.
The vet said I look grumpy but I'm OK.

Well, as long as the workers don't paint
or hammer or drill anything at the back
or on the FLOORS of Heaven, Ashley!

Popsy might have a hot spot
but he's not exactly disabled.
He runs faster and his sense of smell is sharper than mine.
Popsy can smell rain and stormy clouds a mile away!

So here's our rainy street, Ashley.
Obviously I can't take a drooly walk
for your Walking the Empty Streets prompt.
But that was THEN
and in a few seconds lookit!

Some kids are out playing in the rain!

. . . its raining and the streets ain't drooly empty!

It's a good thing
Keeper gave us a bath this week, Lisa!
. . . at least my furs are looking and smelling clean.

On drooly days when you are in a spot . . .
. . . you see Repeating Patterns, Ashley . . .

and the sight of a drooly Superdog
at the end of the magical place called Heaven . . .

For all my challenging prompts across the drooly mile
and those who chose to be woofless in August:


  1. Those pictures of the kids in the street are adorable. Love that.

  2. Hello my friends! Nice to see you again here in your blog! :) Hope you are all doing just fine, but-- your foot? I hope you are fine Sumo Popsy! And you Sweepy! And say hello to your keeper!

    Lots of greetings, scratch scratsh.. Pusa :)
    Viola says hello to all of you! :)

  3. Love your color splash! :) Its bright and makes the whole picture pop! Your playing in the rain pictures are awesome!! :)

  4. Sweepy, you are just too handsome!!
    These are wonderful photographs!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures of the children playing in the streets. They are so sweet. And I adore your color splash shot and get so much pleasure from looking at the pictures you girls give us on that meme. As yet I have not figured out how to do it. Genie

  6. Wonderful update Sweepy! Take good care of your Popsy. I love the pictures of the kids playing in the rain - such joy!

  7. Great photos, Sweepy! Love your photo stories. And I know what you mean, I wouldn't want to wear that collar either!


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