Woof! I'm Back!

And I'm also Front.

I'm also Asleep
. . . but when I hear Keeper call my name
it sounds like Music To Ma Ears.

And that begins my ScavengerHuntSunday
past Midnight of the next day
whichever day it is . . .

My drooly face is also Hot, Ashley.
My zits look Not Hot.
The weather is Hot.
I live in a Hut.

My eyes are clear
but I use drooly CLEAR glasses, Ashley
because it makes me look cute
and when I wear one
girls swoon over me.

Of course when the hoomans come drooling at Heaven's gate
I wear both Hat and Clear Glasses
. . . to keep off my drooly fans.
I heard people use dark glasses
but how can I see the drooly people
if ma glasses have shades?!?

Out Of This World

. . . is Keeper's something inside a glass.
Don't ask me what it drooly is.
Don't dare ask Popsy as well . . .
. . . because he gets sprinkled with it as well!

Keeper sprinkles them something
on Anything and AnyBeing
that is Sick, Dying, Stupid and Moody.
I am Moody so I get sprinkled A LOT of those something.
And when I get sprinkled with something
I run faster than anymoodybeing captured on cctv.

I'm moody but not without a reason, Amy.
I get drooly moody and the world turns bleak
when I hear noises 24/7 . . .. . . and the house smells of paint, dust, and sweat . . .
"when are those workers leaving, Keeper?"
and I don't get my weekly baths
"when is my scheduled bath, Keeper?"
. . . so when that happens, Amy,
my drooly world blinks!

Yesterday, the weather was so hot
yet by afternoon, dark stormy clouds came
and brought thunder, lightning, winds and rains
and brought me and my Popsy running like mad!
It brought Keeper running with her magical wand
telling the angry winds to hush and stay calm
so life goes on . . .

. . . and Heaven is still in chaos.
My furs are a mess.
My face have zits.
My paws have hot spots.
And I badly need propeelaxsissy
or whatever it is the hoomans do to clean the teeth.
I need total renovation, Liza.
It's a good thing I'm good-looking.
And that's my drooly dog advice to all:

"When things don't look good try to look drooly good"


  1. That hat and glasses are a hoot!

  2. I love how you manage to follow the prompts with your dog every week. Great stuff.

  3. haha... drolly what it is. love it.

  4. How fun.. such creative shots..

  5. Oh Sweepy what madness!
    That 'something' is actually olive oil with soothing plants to help calm you and your hypertensive father. I do not sprinkle it but massage it on your head to calm you down, silly!

    I prefer virgin coconut oil which you also love to take orally one tablespoon every week.

    I promise you a bath on Wednesday. ;-)

  6. I just love those glasses!! What a wonderful shot this is!!

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  7. Love the hat and glasses Sweepy! Stay cool and calm - things will get better!

  8. You have to be one of the most clever photographers and writers around blogland. Your creativity is awesome. Oh, how I would love to have had you in my 6th grade English class. I would have been in hog heaven. You are one of a kind and I LOVE IT! This is a fabulous series this week, and those glasses and that hat are just great. Thanks for making my night. Genie

  9. gotta love those glasses.. lovely captures

  10. Your dog has more personality than mine. Mine won't wear glasses and hats.

  11. Aww, Sweepy, sounds like you are really ready for the construction workers to leave! Hope your Heaven is back to normal soon.

  12. Superdog Sweepy! You are so so cute when young. You still look good now! :)

  13. Awwww! I love the hat and your dog is just too cute. Thank you for the smiles!


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