Oh Ghost Not!

Woof everyone!
I'm off on an important mission.

And I'm drooly back!
It took me just a second to find it!

It's normally called Fetch, Amy
except that nobody said the word 'fetch'
but I saw the ball fell from Keeper's stash.
(Keeper was busy moving stuff
which means it is cleaning time!)
It is also called Color Splash Sunday:
. . . or Splash them out what!
Or Sunday's splash out.
Or color sunday not
because the moon is full
so its moonday as well.
nya nya nya!

I really can't help it.
Whenever I see a ball
my instincts tell me
to run after it, Lisa!
Life is like a ball game.
You chase after it and make it yours.
After that, you drool like a smart dawg.

This week is all fun and action, Ashley.
I was out in the sun with my Popsy.
I was always Against The Light.
but too fast for Keeper to take a good shot. Ha!

I am also always against the black hunk
who always gobble the scene!

But that is always the
Best Part of My Day:
. . . being with my Popsy Sumo
who blogs in Pilipino
(de hooman's language in my island)
and whose 'hot spot' I keep watch.

When Keeper see us together
she stops what she is doing
to watch us adoringly for hours
and kept saying in Pilipino
"Naku, magkamukha kayong dalawa!"
(Oh, you really look alike!)

But how can that be?
My father and I are as different
as night and day!
My furs are golden and Popsy's black.
My ears are floppy down but Popsy's straight up
(Popsy's ears are up even in his sleep
and so are his watchful eyes because
Popsy sleeps with half-opened eyes!)

Nobody in his right mind
would even imagine us to be related!
Visitors even think we are a couple!
Some visitors even think my Popsy is a wolf!

But methinks Keeper is pathetically myopic.
She sees things differently than most people.
The other day she talked to the moth
and told the neighbors what the moth told her
that it will be a rainy-sunny week.
Well, this weekend we had sunny-rainy episodes

It makes my creative work a bit difficult
because it can be confusing
like who or what am I framing?

My Paws: Frame Within A Frame
nya nya nya!

Or I can frame my Inky Nosey
nya nya nya!

Or simply play with Buttons
on my pawsy!
Guess who is watching you!?!
nya nya nya!

Now if Keeper finds me playing on the job
there goes my drool hour and treats!
Well, if you must drooly know, I have to create 7 collages
(yes, people, I slave at our studio 24/7!)
and the hoomans will later give them
strange high-falutin' titles like
transdroolation, solilowoof,
or drooleteism and get sued for it.

The moon is full
and the ghosts are having a pawty
and I'm off watching some strange image
. . . sticking its tongue at me . . .
. . . and possibly laughing back
at this Superdog
who only blogs once a week!
And there goes another creative for you, Lisa!
Have a fun safe week everybody!


  1. Sweepy, the 4th shot of you here is absolutely precious!
    You have got the sweetest face!!

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great night!


  2. I love your "Life is a ball game" quote, Sweepy! These are great photos of you and Sumo.

  3. The best part of your day is really sweet Sweepy.

  4. These are wonderful pictures. And this beautiful reddish dog looks like my dog Tasha. Almost the same. Only I think that my Tasha is much older.

    Great pictures. I like all of them very much. They are full of joy and life.

    Greetings from Kaya.

  5. I think Sweepy keeps things fun and exciting at this house!

  6. He is so cute!!! I love the picture where he's laying down next to the ball... He looks like a really happy fella :D


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