Welcome to my Home!

And that's my father going to his house . . .

Popsy Sumo goes home when he sense danger
like firecrackers blasting
a few months before Christmas!
That is Popsy's way of taking Cover, Ashley.

And here's another COVER:
Purrfect to hide at all the people
peeking at Heaven's gate
and laughing at me.
What's with these people anyway!

I am so ready for Treat and Treat . . .
. . . but Keeper came home late
so I was not able to go!
So Keeper uses it to COVER herself too!

And when Popsy wears it:
. . . he feels like the wolf
with a red riding hood!
Nya nya nya!

But for sure Amy will only want that hat on me:

And if you're woofy tired of that hat
here's another head wear for me:
. . . perfect for Ashley's MACRO!

I wear this to scare Dawgy across our house
but it does not seem to work:
I wonder why?

And to be honest
nobody seem scared
when they see me and Popsy
in our hallowoof costumes:
I really wonder why?

I tried everything creative, Lisa
but nothing seems to work!
Woof, Lisa, I hope Kitty is OK!

If you noticed my mask above
it is purrfect for Ashley's
. . . yet this does not scare the hoomans at all!

And lastly, Ashley want The Tree:
I am not allowed to play under it
because Luchie installed a fence around it!

And here's The Three:
Purrfect for Home too.
And with that I wish you all a happy Halloween
and for all witches a happy new year
and for Catholics happy all saints and all souls day!

My gurlfriend Cookie is back
and I am woofy happy!


  1. Super cute dog pics! Love how you incorporated the hunt too!

  2. They are so cute all dressed up! Love your texture too!

  3. Cute shots. Perfect for Halloween!

  4. Nicely done Sweepy - you look all ready for Halloween.

  5. Very nice post, Sweepy, well done.

  6. Happy Halloween to you and all your family, Sweepy!

  7. Sweepy, your costume is wonderful, and I hope you got some special treats because you missed Halloween!!

    Thank you for always making my Mondays so bright!!

    lisa xo

  8. You should go into the rescue dog photography business. I hear they are adopted immediately then posted with a good photo. These are wonderful and warm my heart. Love all the red...go perky and happy. You have a bit of everything here from texture to macro...and GREAT creativity. genie

  9. Halu, my lovely Sweepypie.
    I just received an invite for a late hallowoof from Desmond but I have work today so I will just bring your loot bag home later!

    Sumo looks adoringly handsome.
    And of course you look adoringly funny.
    (background: canned laughter)

  10. Love your hat, Sweepy. It's a great color!

  11. You dogs are so cute. Peace. kapayapaan (hope the translator got it right)


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